Snow again :(

Last week I had the pleasure of paying an unexpected visit to Bern in Switzerland. A lovely city with lots to commend it aside of the outrageous cost of everything! One thing however stood out above everything else. Snow. It has been snowing in England every other week since the new year and when it does snow the whole place falls to crap. People forget how to drive properly, start panic buying in the shops, public transport also grinds to a halt. Every morning in Bern I would walk through snow much heavier than we have seen in England for 10-12 minutes. The big difference. Public transport ran to time. People didn’t complain. The roads and pavements were clear unlike the situation in this country and everything ran so smoothly. The big question therefore is that if other countries can cope, why can’t England? Schools are shut roads are blocked, public transport isn’t working correctly. What a joke!