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Court Guinness // CourtFax

An old enemy moves on

Now before you get too excited, its not a person or an organisation. Those of you who like myself spend half of your lives on a motorway will call it an institution. Its usually white, driven by a service engineer, never seen away from the outside lane. Never driven at less than 100mph. Always on a mission. The drivers always seem to think that a cigarette length between them and the car in front is acceptable braking distance. Yes ladies and gentlemen. The Astra Van has gone out of production. An enemy in so many ways but to be fair its probably the drivers as well. How a 1.6 engined box could top 130 fully loaded has always been beyond me. A friend as well if you were having trouble making it home down the M1 at 7pm of the evening a lazy route would be sit behind an Astra Van and let it do the hard work for you. Indeed it was also with a colleagues Astra Van that one night I recorded my fastest ever run between Leeds and London. I won’t list the time here because even though it was so many years ago, I do fear the traffic police will want to have a little “chat” with me about it. So there we are these little pests will start to disappear from our roads soon. I for one in a strange way will miss them.