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The Olympics

Am I the only one that is already annoyed by the Olympics? In the build up over the past few weeks I have had to contend with the following:

  • A foreign Olympic delegation blocking escalators at Euston Station and causing chaos for anyone trying to access the Victoria Line southbound.
  • An Olympic organising commitee delegation blocking access to a bar in Wimbledon and then proceeding to block a gangway in said bar to have an “urgent discussion” about where to park a car! These people were so rude to other customers and had the temerity to suggest they had a right to annoy everyone because of their ridiculous uniforms and ID badges. “We can because we are from LOCOG!” said one.
  • Numerous other occasions of people in quite frankly silly Olympic uniforms behaving like absolute plonkers in public just because of the uniform. It looks pathetic!
  • I live quite close to some of the Olympic venues and there is a noisy black helicopter quite obviously from some security service or other that seems to take great delight in continually flying over my house and annoying me. Please please choose some one else to annoy!
  • Lastly as a London resident I have become used to BMW’s and their drivers. However I am now starting to trip over these white ones with silly paint jobs blotting the landscape and being driven in an even worse fashion than is usual for a BMW all because of the Olympic logo on the side. Again they look silly.

The big question is, how much worse can it get?  

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