BlackBerry 8520 for only £7.95 per month

Now get 11 months free line rental on an 18 month contract. Pay £20.43 per month to T-Mobile for a generous allowance of 100 minutes, 1GB of data and 100 texts per month. Claim £224.73 cash back, which is equal to 11 months free line rental or effectively reduces your cost to only £7.95 per month.
The sleek and stylish 8520 Curve is one of BlackBerry’s most successful phones. The rubberized body fits perfectly in your hand and it has a full QWERTY keyboard which is ideal for writing emails, texts and instant messages. The BlackBerry 8520 can send and receive emails from a host of different accounts anywhere in the world. It features the new touch sensitive optical trackpad instead of the trackball which is a fantastic replacement for BlackBerry handsets as it makes navigating your way around the phones many features a pleasure.
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