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Since 2011 my CMS (Content Management Solution) weapon of choice has been WordPress. It has developed well in to the mature CMS it is today that is loved by both myself and many, many others. At one point I had more than 40 instances of WordPress on the go. Today there are only eight. At least once a month with WordPress there is some head scratching to do around updates. Sometimes this could last 5-6 hours with so many sites. This is to with “what updates do I deploy on this site, without breaking it!”. This is especially true if BuddyPress is involved – I have learned the hard way! The problem with wordpress is you need to keep it up to date to keep hackers away. A few months ago I stumbled across infinitewp. Oh how I wish I got to this tool, many, many moons ago! I installed this on my server in test mode as soon as I found it and very swiftly moved it into production. I loaded up all my sites and attached them via the plugin which needs to be installed on every instance. Lo and behold, I now have a helicopter view of what needs to be done with each site and I can remotely install updates! Brilliant The upshot now is that I just check the console for updates every morning, make decisions on which updates need to go where and hey presto my sites will be updated. For those of you managing large WordPress estates, this tool is a serious game changer. I have gone from 6+ hours a month of head scratching along with daily checks to 10-15 minutes a day of effort tops. The tool is definitely sound and server load is very low. However developed this tool really does deserve a huge pat on the back.I for one will buy them a beer if I get the chance to meet them.    

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