Excellent Service: Webhosting

I am delighted to be able to commend Siteground most warmly for their web hosting ability. They have taken over the hosting of this website and its associated services and manage and support the infrastructure that it reuires in an exemplary fashion. Their technical support team really do know their stuff and it is also to their credit that I do not  have to talk to them very often! Their fees are reasonable too.

Praise is very rare on these pages but today I am delighted to praise Siteground.

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Hotel Seattle Brighton

Lets face it, it is not very often I use these pages to laud exceptional service and I am more likely to lambast idiocy and poor service however it is time for a small change. On Friday I visited Brighton on business and stayed overnight the Seattle Hotel at Brighton Marina. This hotel is clean and tidy with great views over the marina and some of the most impressive customer service I have ever seen in 20 years of staying in hotels regularly whilst away on business. So it is time to say a very well done to this hotel. I will certainly stay there and use it for business meetings again. There is a high chance that it will be a very long time before I praise another business on these pages again, so lets be clear. The Seattle Hotel richly deserves this praise.