The Trade House Magazine :: September 2018 Edition Update

I am delighted to announce that the September 2018 edition of The Trade House magazine has just reached the highest level of unique readership of all issues of The Trade House Magazine. Today at approximately 14:30 hours the September edition reached 6260 unique readers.

An interactive version for you to read is below.

5,382 Thank You’s

This is just a short note to say a very warm Thank You to the 5,382 unique people who have read the September 2018 edition of The Trade House Magazine.

This figure has already beaten the entire unique readership of the August 2018 edition by 4% with 17 days left before publication of the October 2018 edition

Thank you once again.

Content Writers Required For October 2018

I publish The Trade House Magazine on a monthly basis. The magazine caters for small business owners and those looking for small business opportunities, businesses for sale, property opportunities and and those providing them. The Trade House Magazine now gets over 4500 unique readers per issue on average.

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Update :: 04/09/2018

Just a brief update for Tuesday 04 September 2018.

Over 100 products have been added to The Trade Counter.

Please do keep a  look out on this website for The Trade Lounge which is coming soon.

Advertising for The Trade house Magazine October 2018 edition is now open. Free advertising is available until the end of November 2018.

The advertising and content deadline for the October 2018 edition is 21st September 2018 at 18:00

The Trade House Magazine September 2018 has reached 4,000 unique readers.

Frequently Asked Questions :: The Trade House Magazine :: September 2018

The Trade House Magazine Statistics
How many issues have been published? 6
What is the total readership of all issues? 25574
What was the lowest readership? 2317
What is the highest readership? 6259
What is the average readership? 4262
What is the total number of pages published? 259
What was the smallest issue in pages? 14
How many pages were in the largest issue? 58
What is the average number of pages in each issue? 37
By how much does readership grow every issue? 11.54%
What was the lowest number of ads or listings per issue? 29
What is the most number of ads or listings per issue? 163
What is the average number of ads or listings per issue? 105
What is the lowest value of ads per issue?  £                                  24,025,990.00
What is the highest value of ads per issue?  £                                210,383,435.00
What is the average value of ads per issue?  £                                129,066,942.86
What is the value of the cheapest business opportunity?  £                                                   50.00
What is the value of the most expensive opportunity?  £                                  32,000,000.00
What is the average opportunity value?  £                                     1,282,827.04


The Trade House September 2018 :: Sector Breakdown

Please see below for a by sector breakdown of all business deals and opportunities published in the September 2018 edition of The Trade House Magazine.

Type Total Count Average
Asset Sales £3,185,000 4 £796,250
Automotive £849,950 3 £283,317
Camping And Caravanning £365,000 1 £365,000
Care Homes £1,200,000 1 £1,200,000
Commercial Property £1,914,000 5 £382,800
Data Centres £3,000,000 1 £3,000,000
General Deals £200 1 £200
Health and Care £2,500,000 1 £2,500,000
Hotels £101,739,950 17 £5,984,703
Industrial £950,000 2 £475,000
Intellectual Property £200,000 1 £200,000
Investment £1,250,000 2 £625,000
Joint Ventures £14,000 2 £7,000
Land £180,000 1 £180,000
Leisure £850,000 2 £425,000
Lifestyle £1,225,000 5 £245,000
Management Buy In £300,000 1 £300,000
Marine £975,000 1 £975,000
Misc £5,018,325 6 £836,388
Night Clubs £650,000 2 £325,000
Petrol Station £775,000 2 £387,500
Professional £135,000 1 £135,000
Projects £118,000 2 £59,000
Property £64,230,000 24 £2,676,250
Pubs £1,902,750 13 £146,365
Recruitment £1,695,000 5 £339,000
Restaurant £609,995 7 £87,142
Retail £2,458,995 15 £163,933
Technology £9,596,000 12 £799,667
Trades £1,336,980 9 £148,553
Transport £20,000 1 £20,000
Unusual £419,000 2 £209,500
Consultancy £574,000 3 £191,333
Van based £53,495 3 £17,832
Website £79,995 5 £15,999
Total £210,370,635 163 £1,290,617







The 6 Month Update

Well we nearly at the 6 point since things abruptly changed after some nasty health related issues. Retirement did not work and I went back to work part time at The Trade House. This has been good. I have also managed to steer clear of hospital stays since March.

I have managed not to break anything else since the early days and no more wheelchairs have been crashed!

Part Time working is good and I am glad that full retirement has shown itself not to be a viable option.

In other news I have to announce that I have decided to move away from the South East of England to the Midlands and matters are in hand. The Trade House will be moving too. Expect to see more info on this here in the coming weeks. A final moving date will be set shortly and there will be a leaving drinks party or similar event  organised to mark the occasion. Invitations will be sent out to friends, clients, business partners and business associates soon. I am looking forward to this new chapter.

Many regular readers may have noticed that recently the domain name has moved from to Please, please, please update your contact details as will stop working on the 1st November 2018. All mailboxes are now on .com. If you have email addresses for in your contacts please change the .eu for .com. This will work.

No 6 month update would be complete without discussing The Trade House.  The Trade House is doing very well indeed and the magazine is growing proudly with each new month and the publication of each new issue. With the  September edition unique reader passed the 2,000 reader bar at 5pm on 30/08/2018. That is only 25 hours after publication. The August issue (the quietest of the year) had over 5,000 unique readers. The September edition grew to 56 pages and has over £205 Million of business deals inside. An interactive version is below.

Thank you all so much for reading. I will be in touch soon with further updates.

The Trade House Magazine September 2018 Edition

I am delighted to publish the September 2018 edition of The Trade House Magazine.

This month we have grown even bigger, expanding to 56 pages and adding some great new content and tremendous business opportunities. Yet again this month with over £205 Million of business opportunities, there truly is a business opportunity for every one inside the pages of this months edition and I look forward to expanding on this over the coming months.

Our smallest value business opportunity is just £50 and our largest is £31,000,000!

We also have a number of new articles for your eyes and a new section or two too.

At the time of writing the August 2018 edition has received 5,309 unique readers, a figure that I am very pleased about and would like to not only take this opportunity to thank them all for their readership but also to welcome new readers to The Trade House Community.

You can download a PDF here (No sign up required).  The Trade House Magazine September 2018 Edition

A subscription form is located below the interactive version and I would be delighted if you would consider becoming a subscriber, which is absolutely free.

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The Trade House Magazine September 2018 Edition