BA Iphone App leaks data heavily

I have been using the British Airways iPhone App a lot recently and was suprised to get a message from my network provider telling me how much data I had used of my allowance within 1 week so I decided to investigate. It turns out that the British Airways app leaks data like nobodys business You have been warned only use it when you have to and disable it at all other times.

iPhone 4S only £25 a month

From The Mobile Fone Network

300 minutes a month, 500MB internet data and unlimited texts on Vodafone. Line rental is £31 a month, reduced to effectively £25 a month by cash back of £144, paid in five stages.

The iPhone 4S needs little introduction. It’s the UK’s most popular phone, and with over 500,000 apps for download, there’s almost no limit to what the iPhone 4S can do.

The iPhone 4S has a fast dual core processor, a superb 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video record, impressive Siri advanced speech recognition and the latest iOS operating system. The iSight 8 megapixel camera can take exceptionally good photos, noticably better than any other iPhone. It can also record HD video at full 1080p resolution, with video stabilisation.

Free iPhone 4S with unlimited internet data

For £30 a month you can now get an iPhone 4S for free, with unlimited data, 100 minutes per month and virtually unlimited texts. The deal is on the Three network, which has excellent, high speed data coverage across the UK and is often the network of choice for mobile internet.

Needing no introduction the iPhone 4S is the UK’s most popular phone. It features a dual core A5 processor, an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video record and Siri advanced speech recognition. The new iOS 5 operating system has over 200 new features. The New Notification Centre shows missed calls, messages, calendar invitations, friend requests and more.

The camera app can now be accessed quickly from the lock screen, it has grid lines, pinch-to-zoom and touch focus. Photos can be edited from the photo viewer, with crop, rotate, enhance and red eye removal. Other highlights to iOS 5 include iCloud, Twitter integration, iMessage and Reminders.

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Save £384 on iPhone!

iPhone 4 is now excellent value for money. You’ll can save a huge £384 by choosing the iPhone 4 instead of the 4S. The best and most popular deal is only £30 per month on contract with nothing to pay upfront. This gives you 300 minutes, 500MB data and unlimited texts. Alternatively pay £35 per month for 500 minutes, 1GB data and unlimited texts – this offer also comes with £40 cash back.

iPhone 4 now comes with iOS 5, which means the differences between iPhone 4 and 4S are only slight. Apart from the camera and processor, iPhone 4 is almost physically the same as the more expensive 4S. It looks the same and it has the same 3.5 inch Retina display, with individual pixels so fine the human eye cannot see them. The 5 megapixel camera takes full advantage of this optical range and offers tap-to-focus, geo-tagging, LED flash/light, iMovie editor and video capture at 720p/30fps.

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iPhone $ now on the 3 network – great deals!

iPhone 4 now available on 3

30 Jul 2010 12:48:17

The iPhone 4 is now available on the 3 network and offers are among the best we’ve seen. Stock is limited but is expected to last over the weekend.

For £45 per month you get 2000 xnet minutes, 1GB of data, 5000 extra minutes to mobiles on the same network and 5000 texts. For most customers this will effectively mean unlimited everything.

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