Let Us Talk Laverna….

Laverna, I hear you say? Sounds like a posh restaurant doesn’t it?

Fear not. I am not turning into the next Fay Maschler!  The Laverna I am talking about is a nifty self hosted note taking app. I have been searching for a self hosted alternative to the highly regarded and very long standing Evernote for some time now, and I came across Laverna this weekend.

I downloaded the app and gently added some security scripts from my repository to the code for reasons I will go into later. I then uploaded the files to my intranet and after a little faff regarding where I was going to store my self created content – read notes I was able to have a little play. My this works well and it is fast too. It is a lovely replacement for Evernote.

You see I want full control over all my data as much as possible and I want it highly secure too. If I can replace something like Dropbox, Salesforce, Hotmail, Evernote etc etc with something on my own very highly protected servers then I will 🙂 Simples. Hence adding some scripts in to protect my data and track usage. No Russian hackers here!

I have been able to Laverna in anger today taking meeting notes and it was a joy. All I need is an internet connection one click on my intranet homepage and I am in. The slick design works well with my Intranet template and integrates nicely. I like self hosted apps that can integrate into the style and branding of my intranet because if any one sees the apps they look exceedingly professional and that is one image I do want to portray.

So far so good. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the developers for creating this app and also to congratulate them on a job well done.

Here is a screenshot of Laverna integrated into my intranet.

This app gets five stars from me.