New Year – Time to try a new way of polishing a turd

New years resolutions. Give up smoking. Lose weight. Blah Blah.

However for some it time to start trying to polish a turd. You see St Georges Hospital NHS Trust are looking for a new Chairman.

The job description is full of vague crap and clearly not designed to attract the leader that this disgrace to South London desperately needs.

From the Job description

Our interim chair will be stepping down in Spring 2017, and we are seeking a Chair with a depth of leadership experience to work with our Board, Foundation Trust Governors, staff and key stakeholders to help drive our improvement programme.  This is a significant role which requires an exceptional individual with a track record of working through others and across organisational boundaries to achieve results at pace. To succeed, you will need strategic perspective, sound judgement and a firm commitment to improving public services, complemented by resilience, tenacity and a collegiate approach.

Er. Nah. This is naff. Let me rewrite this for you St Georges.

Urgently required. No Shit Sherlock for failing piece of shit NHS Trust in South West London. Needs to know how to swiftly sack 8000+ incompetent staff who clearly jumped into the gene pool when the lifeguard was not looking and ensure that these staff do not re-enter the labour market whatsoever, then refill all 8000 + positions. Next rebuild trust with the huge public you have failed to do the civic duty for over so many years. Remember St Georges – your strap line is “risking lives every day”. Thirdly get rid of trust wide medical negligence and incompetence. Forth. Get rid of administrators who do nothing but talk about last nights telly all day long.

Now I could quite easily deliver my version of the job description. The reason I am not applying is because I am not qualified in the politically correct sense of the word to deliver the turd polishing that their own job description requires.

St Georges managed to lose an interim CEO after 2 weeks earlier this year!

You see when you have a crock of shite like St Georges one cannot simply get the Fabreeze or the pledge out.

One simply cannot polish a turd. Whole scale change does not come about from being politically correct. You do not correct medical incompetence and idiotic staff by taking a collegiate approach.

So anyway here we have it For St Georges for the time being. 2017 brings turd polishing and continuing to risk lives every day. One thing I know for sure is that this appointment will not bring around the drastic change in healthcare that the population of South West London desperately deserve or need.

My Favourite Hospital Gets Its Comeupance At Last

So I am sitting watching the BBC London news in my man cave/office, when the subject of St Georges Hospital in Tooting comes up. I listen intently. It  appears they have been now rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commision failing on leadership and safety and that special measures have been recommended for improvement.

Many readers will be aware of my failing health, many readers will be aware that I have written fequently about my run ins with this hospital and its staff. I feel that this judgement is a long time coming and a case of a little too late. I have been saying that St Georges is crap for years.

I am however grateful to the Care Quality Commision for their report and would like to take this opportunity to invite the inspectors involved in the creation of this report to lunch to thank them for their dilligence.

Now maybe St Georges will get to a position where it is not routinely putting lives at risk as they do so frequently. Remember St Georges, I have a lot of evidence of this.

Indeed hopefully soon South West Londons’ residents of failing health will soon start to receive the hospital that they deserve and desperately need.

OK St Georges Hospital – Its High Noon Now!

What on God’s Earth are you playing at? I thought you were getting better after the 2013 debacle and had learned your lessons. Obviously not. I thought you were not on a par with Kingston Hospital for fraud and Professional misconduct. Obviously not.

The other week you even had someone cleaning and doing a good job of it. Or was this marketing bluster designed to disguise professional shortcomings.

Your ENT Department can be considered a shambles. I have had the displeasure of dealing with them recently. Your David Selvadurai was deeply unpleasant individual who does not let people speak or answer direct questions and is more interested in private work, public speaking and drawing posters according to his website. Next I am sent to see Raouf Chobbaci who is not a specialist on any issues I have but a paediatric specialist in cleft palate! What the holy fuck! You cannot make this up. I am also amazed that this gentleman can concurrently work at so many hospitals and practices across such a wide geographic area.

Next we have Edward Mccrondell. I was fortunate to see a note left on your system from him about me today. I will not disclose this note here however it was deeply abusive and insulting. Who does this dickhead think he is? I expect a proper apology from this individual. Another example of St Georges Hospital employing an incapable individual. In fact let us go further the three gentlemen mentioned above really need their P45’s issuing. If they worked for me they would have been fired a long, long time ago.

On the subject of ENT. How do you manage to keep people waiting for so long without any communication. I saw a service delivery manager on Saturday or that’s what his badge said he was? He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sorry a Service Delivery Manager should be properly dressed. What service delivery was he managing? I could not see a service being delivered.

The other week I had to call you out on this very blog about data security. In view of the above I have decided to name and shame this doctor in the Orthopaedic department.  It is Doug Matthews. You can find more information on Doug’s misconduct elsewhere on this blog.

Really, St Georges, what are you playing at? Why do you insist on making so many mistakes?

How do people have any faith in you? What is your problem?

Note to readers just put St Georges into the search facility to see how many times I have had to call out this hospital on this blog.

It is real pity that you have decided to slump back to your old lows in of professionalism or should I say professional misconduct. It is a shame for the residents of south West London as there is no longer a professional hospital left in that sector. The nearest professional outfit is on the Fulham Road or over at Waterloo. Maybe that is what you want for your hospital?

I suggest you change your slogan to “St Georges Hospital  – Putting lives at risk” . Remember I have direct evidence of you doing this!




Kingston Hospital – Maybe Things Will change

I have berated Kingston Hospital before for their lack of ability, corrupt staff members and inept chief executive. Whom I have previously called for to be ejected from her post. Well according to this article, it looks like my wishes have come through as the lady in question has gone on extended sick leave and been replaced by an interim CEO. This is the best news I have had all week. I’m sorry an interim CEO does not arrive on site to cover basic sick leave, this is more serious. Hopefully this new blood will sort out an inept hospital and make it into the organisation a hospital should be. A place where staff are good at their jobs, do not lie to people or engage in bad practice.

Data Protection Breach

I was St Georges Hospital again yesterday – yes I know yawn! Its another rant about that lot. However this in its own right is as concerning as the last. We were in with the doctor in their office about 45 minutes. In that time the doctor left the room for between 5 and 8 minutes at a time. When she left in full view were medical records on her computer screen! She had failed to lock her computer using the ctrl-alt-del command every time! I could have done anything! Amended my records, deleted some of them or even read or amended someone else’s! This is a clear breach of the data protection act and basic information security principals! When I challenged the doctor about this all I got was a sheepish response and not an apology befitting a proper professional who was clearly incompetent with regard to patient confidentiality and information security even when I explained that at some NHS trusts such a blatant failure to keep patient information secure would be a disciplinary offence! Speaking as a technology professional I have worked in environments where I would be instantly dismissed if I failed to lock my screen on leaving my desk! How would you feel if your records were hacked because of this doctors incompetence? Yes I know I write a lot about the failings of this hospital but clearly in all aspects of managing and operating a hospital the management are clearly inept and out of their depth in my opinion. Also as I was walking through the labyrinth of corridors I once again could not help noticing how filthy the place was. This is a hospital it should be kept clean. Good polish cleaners in South London are not that expensive! I really wish St Georges Hospital would not give me so many excuses to blog about them and I apologise to readers of these pages for the amount of times I feel I have to justifiably blog about them. Maybe the Chief Executive and his senior team will wake up and smell the coffee this time?

Stuck On Crutches For Two Weeks So Far!

A fortnight ago I managed to tear almost every ligament and tendon in my foot and ankle. Not good 🙁 When it happened, during the working day and between client visits I visited St Thomas’ Hospital in London and presented myself at A&E. What a professional outfit. In and out in 2.5 hours and seen by professional people who knew what they were doing on the whole and now I seem to be on the mend.They were quick methodical and communicative. I was in pain and could hardly walk and they sorted it out. Why am I writing this. Well as many readers of this blog will know I have been involved with long running battles with St Georges Hospital in Tooting. You can read more here and here. So the big reason I write this is to highlight what a disgrace St Georges Hospital is to healthcare services in London. Quick note to St Georges, why don’t you go and see these other hospitals and learn some lessons? This is not the first time I have lambasted your service in favour of another NHS trust is it?  

2 Months Later

So here we are two months later. I’ve endured two major operations (of which both wounds went septic!), l nearly died, had peritonitis, a collapsed lung and a stoma that was positioned right onto my skin, so every time it emptied itself, it felt like someone was squeezing lemon juice into an open wound. I’ve suffered some terrible neglect from certain nurses and seen unnecessary mental abuse to elderly patients. On top of all this, l watched an elderly lady in the next bed to me refuse food for two weeks and saw the nurses ignore it saying she was just being stubborn! Similar scrutiny by these oh so caring nurses has meant l’ve left hospital two stone lighter! Now let me ask you a question, do you think it’s acceptable to put two suicidal patients who had stabbed themselves and were being guarded by psychiatric nurse’s for 24 hours, on a ward with surgical patients? Also, do you think it’s okay to allow an elderly senile patient to wonder the wards in the middle of the night, banging on windows and pulling back curtains that had been pulled around beds, shouting out for her husband, whilst the frightened night nurse is stood in the corridor saying ” you really needed to go back to your room now”!!!! l would like to offer anyone who has been treated badly in hospital, the following advice; Complain to the ward matron! They all have one and they will deal with any complaints. I complained once and the nurse in question was reprimanded!I was amazed! Remember! You are their customer and customer service still applies. If you booked into a hotel and was treated badly, would you complain? I’m sure you would, but this isn’t a hotel, it’s a hospital and it’s your health and life at stake. If these people don’t want to look after patients, then they should go and work at a supermarket, staking shelves. Nursing should be a vocation, not just a wage at the end of the month! I have been to hell and back at that hospital and sincerely wish anyone about to be treated there, my heartiest good luck. There is much more I can write and will write when I feel better.

Weekend Report

So I had a major operation on Friday night and I am now in the High Dependency Unit at St Georges Hospital in Tooting. I have been in pain ever since. At 1 am on Saturday morning Court talked to ICU and could not get a reasonable word out of them. He even had to explain to one doctor what a Post It Note is!. The most common phrases I hear in English from the staff usually very loudly are “I don’t know”, “its not my problem” or “it wasn’t me” and then that’s when they speak in English. When Court is here because he is restricted by visiting times he has to attempt to bully the staff into making me more comfortable, get me help and pain relief and help calm me down from my pain and stress levels. They even managed to cock up all my intravenous lines and leave me with a huge “bubble” in one arm. I can now only have pain relief orally. When I ask for painkillers the answer seems to be “morphine” now whats the question! (This post was ghost written by Court when I told him what to say when the staff were not looking. I do not have the energy to post myself right now.)      

The latest fuck up

I have not been allowed fluids since 11am this morning and the temperature has hit 32 degrees today and they forgot to give me any intravenous fluids. I finally went searching for an answer to why l hadn’t been taken down for my surgery at 5pm. Nobody at the nurses station could give me an answer until l saw one of my surgical team at the end of the corridor, l walked down to find out what was going on and was told that my surgery had been cancelled. The senior sister didn’t know l had been without fluids for 7 hours in this heat! I think St Georges are trying to get back in the papers for killing another patient due to dehydration! Keep going St Georges Hospital, you might make it a hat trick! PS: I had to call Court a number of times today to help me and he is so pissed off at the moment. Still he managed to make it halfway across London in a taxi in heavy traffic in under 25 mins! Expect his blog to be updated shortly. I’m still trying to find Derek the cabbies’ blog so I link to it and thank him for driving for so fast and finding short cuts we never knew existed 🙂