The Trade House Magazine August 2018 Edition

I am delighted to publish the August 2018 edition of The Trade House Magazine.

This month we have grown even bigger, expanding to 48 pages and adding some great new content and tremendous business opportunities. Yet again this month with over £170 Million of business opportunities, there truly is a business opportunity for every one inside the pages of this months edition and I look forward to expanding on this over the coming months.

At the time of writing the July 2018 edition has received 6,250 unique readers, a figure that I am very pleased about and would like to not only take this opportunity to thank them all for their readership but also to welcome new readers to The Trade House Community.

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Here Is How Over £138,000,000 Worth Of Deals Is Crammed Into One Magazine

The chart below details the different business sectors that are represented in the July issue of The Trade House Magazine,

Before we delve into the chart here are some high level statistics. The lowest value deal is valued at £100. The highest value deal is valued at £30,000,000. The average value of all the deals contained in the July edition is £1,270,954.

Here is the full chart.

Deal Sector  Total Value Number Of Deals  Average Deal Value
Asset Sales  £ 3,185,000 4  £ 796,250
Automotive  £ 200,000 1  £ 200,000
Camping And Caravanning  £ 365,000 1  £ 365,000
Care Homes  £ 1,200,000 1  £ 1,200,000
Commercial Property  £ 1,914,000 5  £ 382,800
Data Centres  £ 3,000,000 1  £ 3,000,000
General Deals  £ 200 1  £ 200
Health and Care  £ 2,500,000 1  £ 2,500,000
Hotels  £ 97,789,950 15  £ 6,519,330
Industrial  £ 950,000 2  £ 475,000
Intellectual Property  £ 200,000 1  £ 200,000
Investment  £ !,000,000 1  £ 1,000,000
Joint Ventures  £ 4,000 1  £ 4,000
Leisure  £ 850,000 2  £ 425,000
Lifestyle  £ 1,225,000 5  £ 245,000
Marine  £ 975,000 1  £ 975,000
Misc  £ 5,000,100 2  £ 2,500,050
Night Clubs  £ 250,000 1  £ 250,000
Petrol Station  £ 295,000 1  £ 295,000
Professional  £ 135,000 1  £ 135,000
Projects  £ 118,000 2  £ 59,000
Property  £ 13,600,000 10  £ 1,360,000
Pubs  £ 1,724,750 10  £ 172,475
Recruitment  £ 750,000 2  £ 375,000
Restaurant  £ 474,995 6  £ 79,166
Retail  £ 2,419,995 12  £ 201,666
Technology  £ 8,942,000 9  £ 993,556
Trades  £ 636,980 8  £ 79,623
Transport  £ 20,000 1  £ 20,000
Unusual  £ 24,000 1  £ 24,000
Website  £ 49,995 4  £ 12,499
Total  £ 143,617,765 113  £ 1,270,954


You can have a look at the magazine below.

July 2018 Target Reached

I am pleased to announce that The Trade House Magazine has reached its target of 4,500 for the July 2018 edition already with two full weeks to go before the August 2018 edition is published.

I would like to thank every unique reader for reading and helping The Trade House Magazine reach its target so early on in the month of July 2018.


The Trade House Magazine July 2018 Edition

I am delighted to announce that the July 2018 edition of The Trade House Magazine is now available.

This issue features just over £138,000,000 of business and property opportunities.

A PDF version can be downloaded here: [Download not found]

You can view an interactive version below.

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Update :: The Weekly Deals Free Sheet 15/06/2018

I am delighted to update you all with regards to The Weekly Deals Free Sheet.

A new free magazine will be published in June 2016. Publication will revert to a monthly format. I am unable currently unable to support a weekly publishing regime. The new monthly magazine will have a new name and a slightly tweaked format.

Advertising will be be free until October 2018.

Later this year it is envisaged that users will require DealNet membership to receive the magazine. DealNet membership is FREE!

The next advertising deadline is Friday 22/06/2018 at 18:00.

The last issue of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet is available below for those who wish a trip down memory lane!

Trade House Updates 22/05/2018

These are the updates for The Trade House for 22/05/2018

The Trade Counter has over 50 new products available See here.

There is lots of new content in DealNet.

Weekly Deals will have a new issue available soon. The next deadline for advertising is 08/06/2018 at 18:00

Weekly Deals Advertising is still FREE.

I look forward to announcing more news soon.

£98 Million! How Much?!!!

Yes, £98,000,000. That is the total value of all business opportunities advertised in the current issue of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet, the free weekly business opportunities magazine that I publish.

There are a total of 86 business opportunities in this issue. So let us break this down. The cheapest business opportunity is worth just £1,000. The most expensive is £30,000,000. There  2 opportunities in the Care Home Sector, 11 hotels, 3 restaurants, 6 lifestyle businesses, 7 pubs , 8 retail businesses, 14 technology business opportunities, 3 recruitment agencies for sale and much more.

The average commercial property deal advertised is worth £688,000. We have nearly £2.5 million of business opportunities in Ireland advertised and £120,000 worth of business opportunities in France advertised.

Closer to our home we have nearly £39,000,000 worth of business opportunities located within the M25. One of these opportunities is worth £30,000,000. The cheapest business opportunity in the London area is valued at £25,000.

The next issue will be available on 24/04/2018 and the total value of business opportunities in that issue will be over £100,000,000!

If you haven’t seen the current issue of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet you can download a copy here: [Download not found].

You can also see an interactive version below.

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