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Aircraft For Sale December 2020

Please see below for a list of aircraft for sale and similar business opportunities from The Trade House Magazine. There is a form below a copy of The Trade House Magazine if you have any queries about any of the business opportunities listed.

Listing Id: 1720

Name: Embraer ERJ 190 Jet. No 1

Asking: £10,000,000.00

Location: Midlands

Sector: Aircraft

Text: 100 PAX regional passenger Jet for sale. 4,500 Km
range. All economy configuration. Asking £10,000,000


Listing Id: 1721

Name: Embraer ERJ 190 Jet. No 2

Asking: £10,000,000.00

Location: Midlands

Sector: Aircraft

Text: 100 PAX regional passenger Jet for sale. 4,500 Km
range. Premium (10 PAX) + Economy (90 PAX)
configuration. Asking £10,000,000. Ready to fly.


Listing Id:

Name: Airbus A320-200 2006

Asking: £25,000,000.00

Location: East England

Sector: Aircraft

Text: 210 seat configuration. 2 class layout. Fully Specified.
Well maintained. Lying UK.


Listing Id: 6563

Name: Gulfstream G200 Jet For Sale

Asking: £4,000,000.00

Location: Europe

Sector: Aircraft

Text: 2009 Gulfstream G200. 2150 hours. Pratt and Whitney
engines. Excellent Value. Very, very well equipped.
Lovely cabin. Seats 8.

The Trade House Magazine

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    Mini Update From Court Guinness

    It has been a while since I wrote an update so here is a brief one to bring you all up to speed.

    • The October 2020 edition of The Trade House MAgazine has won 42,859 unique readers at the time of writing.
      The next issue of The Trade House Magazine, The winter 2020/2021 special edition will be published from the 21st of November. Trade Club members will get it first followed by 8,000 email subscribers and then public access.
      I will be arranging London meetings prior to Christmas if UK Lockdown 2 is ended prior to Christmas. These will be held at the Marriott Hotel, Heathrow Airport. Dates to be confirmed.
      I am currently looking for leasing for a Volkwagen Caddy Maxi – Hi spec 20,000 miles pa. Please contact me if you can deal.
      I have 0.3 FTE availability for new projects from 11/01/2021.
      I require a project lead for an agricultural to leisure conversion in Ireland. Must have previous experience. I also require a hotel conversion specialist for a project in France.
      For those of you looking for gory details on my health, there is nothing new or exciting to report, no modes of transport have been crashed and nothing has been broken since my last update!

    Please use this form to contact me with any queries.

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      Project Availability 2021

      Court Guinness has the following availability for projects from 11/01/2021.

      Court is taking early discussions now and will be delighted to hear from you if you have a project you would like to discuss.

      Please use the form below to discuss a project for 2021 with Court Guinness.

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        Latest Presentations November 2020 Part Two

        Please see below of our the second part of our latest presentations.

        The Trade House Magazine December 2020 Fact Book

        Trade House Info Sheet

        Trade Club Brochure

        Trade Club Organisation Chart

        Trade House Service List

        December 2020 Preview Video

        Market Comment October 2020

        The Trade House Magazine October 2020

        Ireland Update 01/09/2020

        Court Guinness, The Trade House and Naytencourt are currently running all Irish operations remotely. We anticipate that this situation will remain in place until 01/2021.

        We will be releasing an improved reporting system shortly in which participation by our Irish business interests will be mandatory.

        When we are able to we will be holding face to face meetings and events in Ireland, Please follow this page for updates and more information.

        Major Court Guinness Update 01/09/2020

        1. This website and its associated services have had 9,000 visitors in August 2020
        2. The July 2020 edition of The Trade House Magazine has had 33,000 unique readers. A copy is below. July and August are always slow for publishing.
        3. The September 2020 edition of The Trade House Magazine has been canceled. The next issue will be the October 2020 issue.
        4. The Trade Suite has reopened FundOne and is accepting initial pitches.
        5. The Trade Club has welcomed some wonderful new members.
        6. The Trade Club merger is now complete and we are accepting members. You can register here.
        7. The Trade Counter has some wonderful new products.
        8. We are still having issues sourcing from China. Customers are advised to start considering stock requirements from China for Christmas 2020 and beyond now. Please contact me if you require any advice.
        9. The business and property opportunities database has reached a total value of £2,100,000,000
        10. The Trade Suite has taken on Project Companions.
        11. Our Free Breakfast offer is back!
        12. The Thieving Three situation rumbles on. They have repaid some but not all monies owed and are still in debt for a hefty invoice for the waste of my time as are their debt collectors.
        13. The advertising deadline for The next edition of The Trade House Magazine is 21/08/2020 at 18:00 GMT
        14. The Trade House is fully open for business.
        15. Court Guinness has suffered some new health issues.
        16. There have been some changes in the way you have to communicate with me. Click here for more information. This is owing to further deterioration in my hearing.
        17. All suppliers, advertisers, associates and partners must become Trade Club members by the end of September 2020.
        18. Please note the new policy on London meetings, these will only now happen at or in the vicinity of Heathrow Airport.
        19. I have removed the last of the blocked Virgin Media IP ranges belonging to my stalkers. I shall not hesitate to reinstate the block if my stalkers return.
        20. On a happy note, it is 2 years to the day that I signed, exchanged and completed on a new home in Leamington Spa. I am delighted to have made the move.
        21. I am working on a new specialist consultancy in an advisory capacity. More news will be available here towards the end of the year.
        22. Having brought some technical kit in from Malaysia and being very happy with it. I am considering importing the following shortly to sell. Windows 10 tablets, Windows 10 laptops, SFF Pc’s, Android tablets, Android smartphones, Android phablets, smartwatches, wearables, NAS devices, smart speakers. I bought a smartwatch, Windows tablet, Andriod tablet and smartphone, an SFF PC, a speaker and a NAS device and they are excellent. They also significantly undercut the competition on price. I am able to demo this kit to potential resellers.
        23. There are a number of other significant updates to the website and its content,

        Welcome To My Website

        IMG_0002I am delighted to be able to welcome you to this website and to give you an insight into what I do and occasionally expose you to some of my blogs!
        This website gets a large number of unique visitors every year and every post, page and section is very well “hit”. Effectively split in two there are a large number of blogs and work related posts including business opportunities available for everyone.
        Let  me start by guiding you to some key links:
        To view all blog posts click here.
        To view details of current business opportunities I  have available, please click here.
        To view details of previous projects, please click here.
        To view details of available downloads, please click here.
        Downloads includes copies of The Trade House magazine, which I publish on a regular basis.

        Please Consider Subscribing To My Newsletter

        I produce a rather irregular newsletter (less than once a month) which all readers of this site are welcome to subscribe to. I would like you all to please consider susbcribing. I would like to susbcribe:

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        Below is a link to my facebook page, business, blogs and beers, please feel free to like it if you wish.

        Website Refresh

        We are gently refreshing our website, updating content and moving some content elsewhere. To see details of the business opportunities we have available please now visit The Investment Network.