Court Guinness // CourtFax

Systems List

For GDPR and general interest purposes, the following is a list of all Systems operated by Court Guinness that hold information about individuals or companies or are used for running Court Guinness // The Trade House.

  • X2CRM – A CRM system.
  • Matomo – Website tracking
  • Nextcloud – Intranet and groupware
  • Mautic – Marketing System
  • OS Ticket – Support and Trouble Tickets
  • Open Web Analytics – Back office tracking.
  • NetData – Network Monitoring
  • Pastebin – Extended Clipboard
  • Yourls – URL Shortener
  • Kanboard – Project management
  • ProjectSend – Large file transfer
  • WordPress – This website
  • Net2Ftp – Web based FTP tool
  • WooCommerce – Ecommerce tool
  • Mybb – Forum Software

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