Trade Sentinel

I am pleased to announce the Trade Sentinel scheme for The Trade House Magazine
Trade Sentinel from The Trade House and Court Guinness allows business owners to advertise in confidence and arrange confidential deals via The The Trade House Magazine.

How does Trade Sentinel work

Any one who wishes for a business opportunity to be advertised in The Trade House Magazine but wishes the for the opportunity to remain confidential can use the Trade Sentinel Scheme. Anyone enquiring can fill out the magazine contact form with basic information. The Trade House will then contact that person to confirm the information and then pass that information to the advertiser.
Under the GDPR regulations all advertisers using the Trade Sentinel scheme will agree in advance that they will abide by the GDPR regulations in writing and indemnify Court Guinness and The Trade House Magazine against any abuse of any information collected on their behalf by the The Trade House Magazine

How much does QualifiedConfident Cost?

Trade Sentinel  costs vary per advertisement in addition to any other advertising fees.
Please contact me for more information on Trade Sentinel