Imagine the situation: You have invested a substantial sum in a business. You suddenly become concerned about the performance of the business and your investment. You may not have any day to day control of the business, especially if you have invested under SEIS. You need an objective view of the business in order to limit risk to your investment.
So is there a solution? In short yes.

I or a consultant associated with me will visit the business and produce an objective report on the business for you complete with detailed recommendations. Our consultants will liaise with you throughout every step of the process. This is the monitoring service.

I will in conjunction with your other professional advisers help you with next steps.

I  can be available at short notice.

I am also available to make regular scheduled visits to the business in question and are happy to work with your other professional advisers.

I am a  seasoned business professional with many years experience and have seen, experienced and managed many different business scenarios. I also have a number of small business restructuring specialists available to me.

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