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Site Closure

It is with a lot of sadness that I announce that is closing. The site will be available here for a few months yet. The site …
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Test test 13/08/2021 MIke, testing access 001 15:11
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Business Plans

Over the course of my career, I was asked to look over a large number of business plans and proposals. Some good, some not so …
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Email Changes

As part of the migration away from the email address for Court Guinness is changing. If you require the new email address you should …
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Site Migration

I announce that will be migrated shortly. For more information, click or read below. The main website will be migrated to: Trade House Archives will be …
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Trade House Archive Update

The standalone archive for The Trade House is now mostly available. You can find the archive by clicking here. There are still some finishing touches to complete …
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Microblog: Mirror Site

Please note that the mirror site is here and this site may be migrated completely to the mirror site shortly. Please add a bookmark to …
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Bye Bye Marlboro

Thanks to the website of The Evening Standard I have just learned that Phillip Morris will be pulling their Marlboro products from the UK within …
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A few things you do not know about Court.

He has worked all over the world. He is an expert in blagging upgrades with Hotels, Airlines and Car Hire companies. He has Estonian residency.

He is a former International IT Consultant and Management Consultant. He has been a director of 8 companies. He is a bit of an expert on muti-deck refrigerated display units!

One of his claims to fame is nearly being run over by Her Majesty The Queen!

Rumour, Legend and Folklore has it that Court owns Gatwick Airport – Actually this bit is utter tosh! Another claim to fame is managing to travel on more flights in one year than pilots are legally alowed to fly.

The IRA have attempted to blow Court up four times. They failed massively everytime! Court didn’t need medical assistance! In fact all Court needed was some replacement underwear from Marks and Spencer.

Another Court claim to fame is being able to have a cigarette at the bottom of the runway at Heathrow Airport. You might ask how he managed this? Its simple he was working on the build of Terminal 5. Court has lived in 5 countries and speaks 3 launguages.

Court is deaf and disabled. Court is a big fan of 80’s classic motor cars and classic Jaguar motor cars. Lastly Court is a pastor with The Universal Life Church Monastery and is licensed to officiate at weddings! This was set up by one of Court’s mates as a bit of a giggle at his expense!



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  • Deaf
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  • Real Ale

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