From time to time I provide consultancy to small technology businesses and start ups and have a lot of experience in this area. Please contact me for more information or to discuss your consultancy requirements. I am currently taking on consultancy clients. All consultancy work is provided via The P2 Set


Our range of consultancy services is diverse and encompasses the following:

Project Healthcheck   

Are you losing confidence in one of your projects? Have a checkup with one of Court Capital Partner’s experts following which we’ll be able to advise you on the probability that the project will succeed and which particular areas need to be addressed to ensure that it does.

Project Incubation

You’ve got the beginnings of plan, but it needs to be developed? The P2 Set planners bring a wealth of experience and can help that project get up and running fast.

Project Management

Delivering a successful project isn’t normally a matter of luck, it takes really good planning and management. The P2 Setare very good at planning and delivery, so why not empower us to power up your project?

Business Healthcheck  

How well are you managing your business? Could you make more of it? The P2 Sethave business experts who can help to answer these and many other questions.

Business Incubation

In order to increase your success rate, you need to increase your failure rate, but your latest great idea seems to be heading for failure simply because you can’t do everything and be everywhere at once? Let The P2 Settake care of the business basics whilst you concentrate on the things you know you are good at and together we’ll bring your vision to life.

Business Consultancy

Your business is doing just fine, but maybe you need help in new markets? Whether it’s finding the right contacts, finding finance or independently validating your own ideas, The P2 Setcan help.

Infrastructure Healthcheck

Not sure that your hardware and software fits your organisational needs? The P2 Set configuration and capacity planning experts use proven methods to help propose an infrastructure that is fit for purpose and  which fits your budget.

Deal Composition

So you want to sell or maybe you just want partners? Talk to Court Capital Partners, we’re real matchmakers.

Corporate Development

It’s time you grew your business? The P2 Set can help you to put together that vital business plan. Then we can help you deliver it.

Website  and Business Disposal

You’ve built a vibrant online business and now you want to reap the financial rewards. The P2 Set brokers can match you to the right buyer at the right valuation.

Web Site and Business Acquisition

Would you like to buy an online business? The P2 Set  brokers will help you to ensure that you don’t become another dotcom loser.

 Business Acquisition and Disposal

We do acquire and can assist you in acquiring or disposing of Independent Software Vendors, Web Design Agencies, Consultancies, IT businesses, Domain Names, Data Centers and much more, do feel free to put us to the test. We occasionally dip our ties into other sectors as well!

Dealership and Resale

Perhaps the best way to expand your business is through a network of dealers and resellers? Perhaps you need assistance in appointing these people? We have a wide network of suitable applicants readily available. Come and talk to us! We can also help you put the necessary frameworks in place and provide advice and guidance.

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