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We are continuing to build our business through introductions and we recognize the huge value of marketing by word of mouth. Our success so far in attracting new business has been nothing short of astonishing. We operate an introduction fee scheme within our business, as follows.

Please note that fees will be agreed in advance of any introduction being made. All fees are paid at The P2 Set’s discretion and without liability or recourse. All recipients undertake to account to the relevant authorities for the purposes of Taxation, NI and/or any other relevant statutory deductions and/or payments and will discharge all such liabilities from the fees received.

The Client Introduction Fee Scheme

Subject to terms and conditions, The P2 Set will pay an introductory fee to you, per each successful introduction, in respect of any new client you introduce, who then enters into an agreement with The P2 Set.
If no revenue results within three months of such introductions, no fee will be payable.