Health and Fitness Opportunity


Our client is in the process of creating a unique web based offering to the home leisure and fitness markets. They are currently seeking funding to bring this market beating offering to a web based audience. Featuring a unique product set and multiple streams of income, this is an ideal 3—5 year opportunity for a good investor with an interest in the marketplace to achieve quality yields. The product set is being priced at a point below any competitors and the total offering is vastly superior to that of the nearest competitor.

Featuring a wide variety of tools, including the facilities that many web users expect from such a portal such as social networking, this opportunity will provide revenue generation via subscriptions, advertising and various point of sale opportunities. There are also possibilities for revenue generation via affinity link up deals. Our client is planning subject to finance to be in a live revenue generating position within three months.


It is currently intended that the site will be based on a PHP/MySql content management system,most likely Joomla or Drupal. Full site monitoring and analytics will be installed.

About Our Client

Our client is currently owned and operated by two highly qualified, knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic fitness and leisure professionals. They are highly motivated and ready move expediently to bring this venture to market, they have completed a lot of the groundwork already.

Investment Level £25,000 – £75,000

Client Relationship

Our client is currently engaging Ewell Systems to provide advice and guidance

The Investment Network

In an effort to de-clutter and transform our main website we now list all of our businesses for sale, businesses wanted and all other businesses at The Investment Network.

The Investment Network has a number of new opportunities available for all types of business and all business opportunity seekers.

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Travel Websites Required

Esgil are looking to acquire travel websites to enhance their travel division.

We are looking for good, clean well developed sites preferably built on a PHP/ MySql based CMS.

Funding is in place for expeditious completions.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion.


Free blogvertorials on offer with regards to a major new site and project coming live shortly. If you sell to service and look after the SME community in Europe, this is an opportunity not to be missed to raise your profile and acquire more business. Please contact us for further information. This is a limited offer.

Business Developers Required

Esgil require freelance business developers for their technology businesses.

Spanning IT Support, hosting and consultancy, the group are looking for a number of good quality business developers to enhance the businesses.

Great levels of commission are available as are flexible terms.

Please contact us for more information and a confidential discussion.

Effort – Equity Swap

So you are a business that needs a major project undertaking?

Maybe you need help to expand?

But what happens if you cannot afford it?

The answer could lie in effort-equity swap. But what is effort-equity swap?

The simple answer is that you swap equity in your company for the efforts of a business, individual or consortium in return for their effort, expertise and resources in order to grow your business. You give them a shareholding in return for something you or your business may not be able to afford but urgently require in order to either drive forward or keep pace with your competitors.

There is a growing market in effort-equity swap and Esgil have certainly seen a surge in enquiries for this especially with major IT and high technology expertise. Indeed Esgil have completed 5 such deals this year. Advised on 3 deals for clients and have client advisory work and 2 more deals in the pipeline.

This article is the first in a series about effort-equity swap. So what is the first thing to do?

Firstly define exactly what you want to achieve the sort of effort and expertise you require and the people you wish to have behind it. Be rigorous. You will have to give up some control over your business and you may only have one chance to get it right.

We will be writing aa lot more about this subject more so please visit again to learn more.