Effort – Equity Swap

So you are a business that needs a major project undertaking?

Maybe you need help to expand?

But what happens if you cannot afford it?

The answer could lie in effort-equity swap. But what is effort-equity swap?

The simple answer is that you swap equity in your company for the efforts of a business, individual or consortium in return for their effort, expertise and resources in order to grow your business. You give them a shareholding in return for something you or your business may not be able to afford but urgently require in order to either drive forward or keep pace with your competitors.

There is a growing market in effort-equity swap and Esgil have certainly seen a surge in enquiries for this especially with major IT and high technology expertise. Indeed Esgil have completed 5 such deals this year. Advised on 3 deals for clients and have client advisory work and 2 more deals in the pipeline.

This article is the first in a series about effort-equity swap. So what is the first thing to do?

Firstly define exactly what you want to achieve the sort of effort and expertise you require and the people you wish to have behind it. Be rigorous. You will have to give up some control over your business and you may only have one chance to get it right.

We will be writing aa lot more about this subject more so please visit again to learn more.

2 Private Equity Ventures Announced

Esgil are delighted to announce their involvment in 2 new private equity deals. Esgil are taking equity in 2 new online ventures and providing Court Guinness as a board director to both ventures. Commenting on the deals Esgil’s principal Court Guinness said: “I am excited by both of these new ventures and the opportunities for growth they bring to Esgil.  Esgil are taking significant equity in both ventures. These deals are a sure sign that Esgil is growing in stature and I look forward to announcing further expansion very soon”.

The ventures in question are Lobster Bazaar Ltd and Perks For Pensioners. The deals are structured in debt/effort to equity swap. Esgil are delighted to be forging ahead with their innovative debt/effort swap deals.

For further information on this innovative new concept, please contact us.

Ipad 2 versus Samsung Galaxy

As the age of the tablet is underway it’s no surprise to see the big names battling it out with an increasingly impressive spec list.

Today sees the UK launch of iPad 2. It’s thinner, faster, lighter and more desirable than ever.

It’s also cheaper, £399 for the 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi. Or, take one on a pay monthly contract for £199 upfront and £25 per month, that’s for the 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G along with a generous amount of data. You’ll be able to order online after 5pm today.

After Apples announcement of the iPad 2, Samsung has taken the opportunity to tweak their Android tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is already available in 7 inch form and there are two new models on the way, running on Honeycomb (Android v3.0) with 8.9 and 10.1 inch displays. This crafty tactic means you can pick up a model that is smaller than the iPad if a compact Tab is your first desire or a larger model if you want to take the multimedia package to the next level.


The Samsung Tabs are also lighter, thinner and boast a better screen resolution. Of course the operating systems differ with Samsung pitching Android v3.0 against Apples iOS 4.3. Android may have some way to go to match Apple’s application rich OS and although hardened Apple fans won’t be pried away, the runaway success of Android on smartphones might be enough to convince the rest of the mainstream market.

Camera wise, Apple take another hit with Samsung upgrading their main camera to 3-megapixels against Apples 0.7-megapixel resolution and things get worse for Apple in the video calling department too with Samsung’s 2-megapixel video cam out gunning Apple’s VGA 0.3-megapixel cam. However these are only tech specs, camera results in the real world may turn out different.

Samsung has penned in a slightly lower price tag on the 8.9-inch version but as this story unrolls the true winner will be the consumer as the desire to dominate this market pushes along the technology with higher and higher specs becoming the norm.


At Esgil we prefer the samsung!

Ipad 2 from £399 at themobilefonenetwork

Great Galaxy Tab deals at themobilefonenetwork

Brokerage and Portfolio

We actively match internet business vendors to buyers and investors to investment seekers and vice versa, our database holds details of a number of buyers, vendors, private investors, corporate investors and strategic partners, who have deep interests in internet based technologies and investments, be it for just a single sale or putting a complete management buy in team together we can assist you and your business every step of the way.

Our team have extensive experience and will guide you all processes and paperwork, advising you on the best way forward. You have the option of any requirements or sales to be advertised on our website and you will be matched with parties on our database.

Our Portfolio division actively acquires and operates internet businesses outright for our own portfolio from time to time and we actively invest in internet businesses listed on the major stock exchanges.

Click here for more information and too see all of our current listings click here

Ewell Systems appointed by ScriptLogic

Ewell Systems are today delighted to be able to add to their strong portfolio of partners including Microsoft, Dell and Syamantec as they announce their appointment as partners by Scriptlogic.

ScriptLogic Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quest Software (Nasdaq: QSFT), is a recognized leader in the management, monitoring and support of desktops, servers and networks. ScriptLogic’s award winning solutions benefit 28,000 customers worldwide in the areas of desktop, help desk, active directory, server and network management. IT professionals and organizations of all sizes rely on ScriptLogic to streamline administrative tasks and improve productivity through “Point, Click, Done” solutions.

ScriptLogic provides software solutions to help organizations accomplish their strategic business goals by offering affordable, yet enterprise quality products that focus on these key areas of Windows Management:

Ewell Systems Director of Development, Court Guinness said: “This latest appointment strenthens and build on our desire to be a one stopshop for our clients. I am delighted to welcome Scriptlogic and work with them in the future.”

Impressive results

Ewell Systems are delighted to announce the following results for their network of websites for the past 12 months:

Average Visitors: 2000
Average Unique Visitors: 1135
Average Page Views Per Visit: 5.29
Average Time on Site: 4 minutes 37 seconds
Average New Visits: 57%
Average Direct Traffic: 20%
Average Reffering Traffic: 62%
Traffic From Search Engines: 18%

Commenting on these results Ewell Systems Managing Director Court Guinness said “I am delighted by these results, in view of the challenging trading conditions most businesses have faced in the past 12 months, it demonstrates that across our network of websites we are growing steadily. I look forward to further growth in the next 12 months.

Thoughts from our Managing Director

As we begin the month of July. I am delighted that the markets we serve seem to be enjoying something of an upturn. We are seeing high levels of enquiries from all sectors from partners and clients alike.

I am also delighted that in June and July we have welcomed several new high profile partners to our “family”, notably Microsoft,VMware, Cisco and Symantec and we look forward to inviting more partners to our family soon. These partnerships can only serve to strengthen the service and services we offer to clients and make sure more attractive than our peers.

In the coming months we look forward to launching some exciting new initiatives, news of which I look forward to sharing with you as it happens.

We also have a number of attractive deals and requirements coming to fruition shortly and I urge people to check our main website for news as it happens.

I wish everyone the best for the summer holiday season.
Court Guinness
Managing Director