Trade Counter Update: 18/08/2018

New Far Infrared Products At The Trade Counter

The Trade Counter now has Far Infrared products available for UK distribution to complement its strong product line of over 2,000 products for UK and Europe distribution.

Over 100 Far Infrared products have been added to The Trade Counter.

You can find more information on our Far Infrared products here.

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Possibly The World’s Smallest Laptop, a 24 hour review

Just over a month ago, I announced that The Trade Counter would be stocking what is probably the world’s smallest laptop, (Please do get in touch with me of you know of smaller laptop that is currently on sale, I would love to hear about it!)

I  brought two in to the country one for me for a long term test or permanent use and one for short loan/demo purposes along with some other goodies that I write more about soon. Th demo one is still in its box and will be set up and ready by this Friday (20/07/2019). My one has been set up with Microsoft Office 2013,  Google Chrome and a few other more things including Adobe Creative Suite. I started by using it  around the home office and the house and it worked well. Reading emails, browsing the web, etc.

I then took it out for a bit of  a test run. We went to the pub! I ordered a pint of Hop House which was lovely and set about giving it a good run. I started with some of the Adobe CS applications that I rely on for producing the Trade House Magazine. Within about 10 minutes I had worked out that I would not want to be using this laptop for a solid day’s graft on these applications and that if I was away on business my 10 inch Asus convertible t103 laptop was the better tool for the job. Certainly this laptop would be no good for using some of the tools my 18 years in the IT trade such as VMware or Visual Studio.

Moving on after ordering another pint I went through remoting in to the home office, which it excelled at and then remotely going through a 70 page contract. I followed this with updating an absolutely massive spreadsheet. (25 Worksheets and more formulae than Einstein ever thought existed!) Boy, did it work well. It did not use up a lot of battery either

Move forward to this morning and it worked well on the road with 2 meetings and some work between these meetings. What I did not bank on was the shouts of wow!, where did you get that? and can you get me one?, !. The GPD pocket was certainly a hit. I think I got more customers for the GPD pocket than for what I was at these two meetings for. It does look stunning in the flesh an I am not the only one to think so.

What it cannot do on a full time basis  in my opinion is fully replace a bigger but it still small laptop such as the Asus T103 that I am very fond of. However as an “always there” piece of kit it is very good, especially if a keyboard is needed. It even fits comfortably in a large jacket pocket too.

One thing is for sure I like it. I will write more in the next two months or so.

I have demo stock available and it is possible that I may order more demo stock soon.

The product page is here

If you would like a demo, please use the form below to contact me.




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Is This The World Smallest Ever Laptop?

The Trade Counter has just started stocking the GPD Pocket.

This is a 7 inch laptop (screen size) that is less than 2cm thick! It has an Intel Atom processor, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of Storage. It Comes with Microsoft Windows 10!

I have 2 laptops as it is. One with a 14 inch screen that has never left the house and one with a 10.8 inch screen that is purely for travelling. I do not believe that this GPD laptop is up to so much of the stuff that the other two are capable of, such as very complex Excel Spreadsheets, some HTML/Javascript work and some adobe tools plus the usual office work such as emails, PDFs and basic Word Documents. I think it may be able to handle the office work bit and believe that the screen size might count against it for anything else.

I have been having a look around and I do not believe I have found anything that comes close. I would be delighted to know if there is anything on the market currently. Please do get in touch if you know of something.

Intrigue however has got the better of me and I can announce that I will be bringing one to the UK for my own use very soon.

Can We Replace The Local GP?

This morning I was out and about looking for new products for The Trade Counter. My “travels” as they usually do took me to a company called Xiaomi. The Trade Counter already runs a very large number and a very diverse range of Xiaomi products and they are very popular indeed with customers of The Trade Counter. They make almost everything!

This latest product that I found is called the HiPee. It looks like a pregnancy test kit. It works by the user urinating on a test strip which the HiPee then analyses against a number of markers.  However, it claims to be at more than that. This is a new type of smart health monitor. It works with various health apps for Smartphones, however I am quite concerned as to how the data is stored. Xiaomi also claims accuracy on a par with the top hospitals in China. This device is not in full production. It is thought that once it is in full production it will retail for $60 ish. Xiaomi are currently advertising this on their own crowdfunding program. The Trade Counter will probably run it for a while once it is production ready too!

Will it replace the local GP? My jury is out on this one. It could potentially save on visits to a very bad local GP or could it? I suspect here that the smart device is going too far. I think that I am not the only one that thinks along these lines on the HiPee. If this was purely marketed as a glorified device for over active couples who spend far too much time practising their baby making skills then it might have a bigger market! Or, it could take the world by storm! I do not think the doctor is replaceable by a smart device yet though.