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So What Has Happened To CourtFax?

I have been asked by quite a few people about the CourtFax system. Have I mothballed it? Deleted it? What?

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17 Years Old Today. The Kit that powers this site

WordPress has been powering sites that I own or sites that I have built for 11 of the past 17 years. I have built WordPress since 2009. Since 2011 I have needed a very good reason to build a website in anything but WordPress. We are talking over 200 websites. At one point I owned 40 WordPress websites! I haven’t built a site in anything else since 2013.

I remember once being in hospital and so bored that I updated 12 WordPress websites by clicking on each individual update!

The code base of WordPress has changed monumentally since I first started using it and it has developed from blogging software into a fully fledged website operating system and content management system. This website has developed since 2011 and seen updates since WordPress 2.7. Ok it was heavily rebuilt earlier this year.

This is quite a heavy site – over 10,000 individual items of content and I sometimes consider moving it to another CMS or platform but I never do. WordPress is perfect and I appreciate the regular updates and swift security patches.

After a while I have even begun to like the new Gutenberg block editor! In short I am very happy with WordPress.

In closing there is only one thing left to say. Thank You and Happy Birthday WordPress!

CourtFax? What?

The name CourtFax crops up on these pages from time to time so what is it?

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I Have to thank GCHQ for this one

GCHQ is one of the United Kingdon’s intelligence agencies, is a cyber security and security agency and is operated by the United Kingdom Government.

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Matomo and WordPress Integration

It was a very pleasant surprise to read the news just now that a plugin has been released for WordPress that seemingly integrates Matomo into WordPress for website analytics management.

Matomo (formerly Piwik) has been my go to website analytics solution for many years replacing Google Analytics (lets not go there on this post) and I am pleased to see this integration with what has to be the best Content Management System on the planet. It is in beta at the moment and I hope that it moves from beta to full product status in short order.

There does have to be a downside. Unfortunately I cannot use this plugin for two reasons. One I have a large number of custom sites set up in my existing Matomo instance including this one and the second is that the plugin is not currently recommended for high traffic sites, which this site is.

I do hope that this important update moves internet decentralisation on and furthers the self hosting movement both of which I am a great supporter of.

G Suite

Court Guinness is an authorised G Suite reseller.

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Tumblr, Automattic and

The surprise of the past 24 hours or so for me has been that Automattic has taken over Tumblr.

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Public Sites List End June 2019

  1. Abbeywood Euro Trade
  2. Anona Technology
  3. CXG ISO 9000
  4. Court Capital Partners
  5. Court Guinness Ventures
  6. ESG Finance
  7. Esgil
  8. EU Research
  9. Ewell Car Audio
  10. Ewell Mobile
  11. Ewell Systems
  12. Fireblade Internet
  13. HMA
  14. HMO
  15. Hotels Network
  16. LB Recruit
  17. Marine
  18. MG Health and Safety
  19. Naytencourt
  20. Network Holidays
  21. Network Mobile
  22. Network Shopping
  23. Network Travel
  24. Office Supplies Network
  25. P2 Travel
  26. Perk For Pensioners
  27. Pot Noodle
  28. Recruit Abroad
  29. Shop For Electricals
  30. Stanfio
  31. Stanford Court
  32. SystemNet Data
  33. Tasteful Lingerie
  34. The Cars Network
  35. The Freelance Network
  36. The Holidays Network
  37. The Hotels Network
  38. The Investment Network
  39. The Micro Business Network
  40. The Mobile Phone Network
  41. The P2 Set
  42. The Travel Network
  43. Wimbledon Systems

Public Sites Index

The list of public sites operated by Court Guinness has been updated.

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WordPress Turns 16

I was delighted to read on the excellent WP Tavern site that WordPress the software that runs this website has reached the age of 16. I started dipping into WordPress in 2009 and from 2011 I needed an exceptional reason to use anything else but WordPress.

At one point I had over 40 WordPress sites running on my servers gaining close to 100,000 visits a month. Today I am down to two sites. One for development and testing and one in live, you are reading the live one now.

This site has grown and evolved with WordPress and now contains over 5,000 individual items of content. I would not want to run this site on any other platform.

I have been delighted to work with WordPress for the past 10 years and I really cannot thank the developers who contribute to this excellent software enough. With one exception. The Gutenberg editor. You see I simply do not like it. I do believe that this is a retrograde step for WordPress. Give me the classic editor any day of the week.

On a brighter note, here’s to another 16 years and more of WordPress!