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MicroBlog: March 2021 Visitor Numbers

March 2021 Visitors: 18,505 2021 Visitors so far: 41,376 Projected 2021 Visitors: 173,782 TweetYum

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The Short Guide To Buying Lifestyle Businesses

Here is another chance to read The Very Short Guide To Buying Lifestyle Businesses TweetYum

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Trade House Magazine Fact Book October 2019

The October 2019 Fact Book for The Trade House Magazine is available now. This contains essential information for advertisers such as readership, demographics, examples, standards and statistics. A PDF is … Read More

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Microsoft Partner

I am delighted to announce that I have been appointed as a Microsoft Partner.

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My Portfolio On Slideshare

Please click on the link below if you wish to view my portfolio on the Slideshare website

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Self promotion June 2016

I have just passed Six Sigma White Belt!

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I have recently started a podcast for my office. It can be viewed here. There maybe more episodes if the feedback is good.

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Follow me on Facebook

My Facebook feed is at

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Follow me on Twitter

My personal Twitter Feed is at

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Site Stats

I started this site just over a year ago and have now had a chance to go through the statistics that show me who has looked at the site and when and also which search terms have been used so I thought I would post a little summary up here.

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Court Guinness Has Retired - The Club Is Now Open

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