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Hang on a minute Court is talking about fruit. He believes that apples should be in the same place as Apple devices. The bin. So what is going on? TweetYum

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Projects: Microsoft System Center

For 10 years Court Guinness specialised in Microsoft System Center and its associated products. Working worldwide Court provided advice and guidance on the following: System Center Capacity Manager WSUS Operations … Read More

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SEIS Monitoring Projects – 1

A long standing client of mine who is a reasonably wealthy and keen investor in small businesses asked me to come up with a plan to monitor his SEIS investments … Read More

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Inflatable Roof Racks! You Must Be Joking!

Er…Nope 🙂 Back in 2005 I bought on behalf of Naytencourt. This was a great business that I gradually expanded prior to sale and it worked very, very well. … Read More

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How I got big in Lingerie!

What’s happened? Crossdressing? Will Court start writing about periods next?.. Well, read on… TweetYum

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Previous Projects : Mobile Phones

In 2004 Court Guinness bought is first online mobile phone retail business. He grew revenues by 900% In 2006 he exited this business. Later in 2006 he brought a second … Read More

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Project – Moving To Spain

Yes, I am currently at the stage of looking at relocating to Spain. TweetYum

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Court Guinness Has Retired - The Club Is Now Open

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