Travelling Whilst On Medication Was Supposed To Get Easier

Many regular readers will be aware of some serious health issues I have had over the past few years. So much so it feels like I should drive a forklift truck to my local pharmacy when I go to pick up a repeat prescription! Yes there is a lot of medication!

I saw this article while checking some local news earlier and came across this article about a new service that should make  life easier.

Certainly the article helped me a little and I quote:

“Strong painkillers such as tramadol and codeine could see you facing a fine or jail in places such as the United Arab Emirates.”


“In Indonesia, codeine, sleeping pills and treatments for ADHD are straight-up illegal, so don’t even attempt to bring them.”


“The US won’t accept any type of strong painkiller like tramadol, codeine or medication with opiates.”

Ok so parts of the Middle East and Indonesia are out and I most definitely am not planning to pay Donald Trump and his chums a visit any time soon, so for some destinations I know where I stand. So I know where I am, or do I? Well not really! Is Codeine legal in Denmark? I do not know. It gets better I quote the article linked to above again “But a new checklist from the Foreign Office details the medications that could land you in hot water in a different country.”

Ok. There is no link to this checklist in the article that I could see. I accept that I am long overdue to Specsavers! 15 minutes of googling didn’t return anything useful either unless you count an advert for a travel insurance provider useful.

I checked The Foreign Office website for advice on Japan where basics such as Sudafed are apparently banned. I got a link to this website. I couldn’t easily find the answer to the question. I looked at the page on this site for the United Arab Emirates. I could not find a reference to Tramadol potentially landing me in Jail.

Look! I want to know if certain medication is banned in certain countries. Unless I have missed something, which is possible I cannot see an easy way to plan a holiday when I cannot work out which of the 19 different types of medication I am prescribed are not allowed and which countries these medications are not allowed. I cannot find this talked about list that I quoted above. This can now only mean one thing. My 2018 holiday will most likely be restricted to a fortnight in Skegness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like my holiday plans heave heavily been curtailed so I will leave this here but before I do, does anyone know if Tramadol is legal in Skegness!!!!!!??



One Week In a Wheelchair Report

Some readers will be aware of some major health issues that I have encountered recently that have rendered me to a wheelchair. Well it has been fun! I must work on my upper body strength!

Two issues have come up however. One is that the local cash machines are a little to high for me to use 🙁 Not the most massive biggie as my local pub accept debit cards and I can get up to £50 cashback at a time from my two local supermarkets.:)

The next issue is roads and pavements. Let us deal with roads first. I have nearly been run over 3 times in 24 hours while crossing roads in my wheelchair. In one case I saw the drivers face and he didn’t look old enough to hold a drivers licence. I suspect he was on drugs too. The next 2 incidents involve BMW’s. No I am not surprised. Both didn’t bother to indicate and clearly were not concentrating on driving. Hell one was on the telephone and not the hands free variety either!

Lets move on to pavements. In Stoneleigh, Surrey there is a real issue with uneven and damaged pavements especially on the broadway. I nearly seriously damaged my wheelchair on one section. This leads me to a few conclusions:

The staff at Surrey County Council or their contractors who put the pavements in were told not to use a spirit level on this project or were never taught to use one in the first place!

Surrey County Council have simply forgotten to visit and check the pavements and therefore arrange for maintenance to be carried out. Whoever put put a manhole cover on the middle of a  drop kerb seriously needs their head testing! Maybe they ignore this end of the county. I am not the only one who has a similar opinion on this.

I personally am not sure that the increase in my council tax this year will go on fixing this problem.

The state of the pavements lead me to almost say that in my opinion they are dangerous. Stoneleigh Broadway is a essential route for me for daily living. One thing is for sure if I have any more issues with pavements locally I may have to pay more attention to adverts on daytime telly for “Wheres blame there i a claim” solicitors with a view to engaging their services!



Formal Retirement Notice

On 13/03/2018 Court Guinness announced his retirement from his most of his active business interests and announced that on health grounds he was retiring from business life after a health related incident left him in a parlous position in hospital on 18/02/2018. This decision was taken after discussion with his partner, key business colleagues and his medical consultants.

On 22/03.2018 Court Guinness left hospital and commenced the process of the winding up or the closing of most of his business affairs.

At the time of writing (24/03/2018) Some business interests have been closed down. The Weekly Deals Free Sheet is the only business interest that is being kept.

Court will continue to update this website on a regular basis.

It is highly unlikely that Court will return to active business aside of The Weekly Deals Free Sheet and has started making plans to embrace and enjoy his retirement as much as his health will allow him.

More details and information will be posted on a regular basis on these pages. If you require to be “kept in the loop” with regards to progress of the closure or winding down of Court’s business interests it might be an idea to subscribe to this website or to visit this site again regularly.

New Year – Time to try a new way of polishing a turd

New years resolutions. Give up smoking. Lose weight. Blah Blah.

However for some it time to start trying to polish a turd. You see St Georges Hospital NHS Trust are looking for a new Chairman.

The job description is full of vague crap and clearly not designed to attract the leader that this disgrace to South London desperately needs.

From the Job description

Our interim chair will be stepping down in Spring 2017, and we are seeking a Chair with a depth of leadership experience to work with our Board, Foundation Trust Governors, staff and key stakeholders to help drive our improvement programme.  This is a significant role which requires an exceptional individual with a track record of working through others and across organisational boundaries to achieve results at pace. To succeed, you will need strategic perspective, sound judgement and a firm commitment to improving public services, complemented by resilience, tenacity and a collegiate approach.

Er. Nah. This is naff. Let me rewrite this for you St Georges.

Urgently required. No Shit Sherlock for failing piece of shit NHS Trust in South West London. Needs to know how to swiftly sack 8000+ incompetent staff who clearly jumped into the gene pool when the lifeguard was not looking and ensure that these staff do not re-enter the labour market whatsoever, then refill all 8000 + positions. Next rebuild trust with the huge public you have failed to do the civic duty for over so many years. Remember St Georges – your strap line is “risking lives every day”. Thirdly get rid of trust wide medical negligence and incompetence. Forth. Get rid of administrators who do nothing but talk about last nights telly all day long.

Now I could quite easily deliver my version of the job description. The reason I am not applying is because I am not qualified in the politically correct sense of the word to deliver the turd polishing that their own job description requires.

St Georges managed to lose an interim CEO after 2 weeks earlier this year!

You see when you have a crock of shite like St Georges one cannot simply get the Fabreeze or the pledge out.

One simply cannot polish a turd. Whole scale change does not come about from being politically correct. You do not correct medical incompetence and idiotic staff by taking a collegiate approach.

So anyway here we have it For St Georges for the time being. 2017 brings turd polishing and continuing to risk lives every day. One thing I know for sure is that this appointment will not bring around the drastic change in healthcare that the population of South West London desperately deserve or need.

South London Healthcare – A positive post

Many of you will have read some quite rightly negative posts about the state of healthcare in and around South London on this blog. Today we are going to talk about St Helier Hospital in Carshalton, Surrey. As you approach this hospital in the car you cannot help but notice the bleak and grim area that surrounds it and the exterior of the building itself looks fairly forbidding. Yes its a very old 1930’s building that looks like it is in need of a boat load of TLC. However once you step inside. to where it matters things change a bit. The buildings are old, the place is dated and various people go about their jobs in a building that does not seem up to the job. However the team of people inside seriously know what they are doing and how to look after patients in their care. Everyone I met on a visit earlier this week was friendly and professional and really knew their stuff. Customer service from administrators is excellent as well and a positive attitude shines through. Look at St Helier Hospital from the outside and you could be forgiven for thinking there is error inside. This is definitely not the case. Other hospitals would do very well to take note and follow example. Regular readers will know that I very rarely praise hospitals on these pages and that I am normally given to quite rightly castigating a particular hospital quite frequently. But today, praise where praise is due as St Helier Hospital seem to be nailing it big time! Well done guys!

My Favourite Hospital Gets Its Comeupance At Last

So I am sitting watching the BBC London news in my man cave/office, when the subject of St Georges Hospital in Tooting comes up. I listen intently. It  appears they have been now rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commision failing on leadership and safety and that special measures have been recommended for improvement.

Many readers will be aware of my failing health, many readers will be aware that I have written fequently about my run ins with this hospital and its staff. I feel that this judgement is a long time coming and a case of a little too late. I have been saying that St Georges is crap for years.

I am however grateful to the Care Quality Commision for their report and would like to take this opportunity to invite the inspectors involved in the creation of this report to lunch to thank them for their dilligence.

Now maybe St Georges will get to a position where it is not routinely putting lives at risk as they do so frequently. Remember St Georges, I have a lot of evidence of this.

Indeed hopefully soon South West Londons’ residents of failing health will soon start to receive the hospital that they deserve and desperately need.

The Health Blog

I have been asked by some readers of this blog to bring them up to speed with regards to some health issues. This little issue and severe osteo arthritis are the main orders of the day. It ain’t great waking up with a headache, tinnitus and pressure in the ears every morning. Vertigo and the risk of falls or drop attacks are not fun either, especially if you start to feel wobbly on the street. I am still working away on various things gently but on a more part time basis. I tend to need to take time off intermittently from time to time. I need to rest often. Also I cannot walk more than 4 metres without walking aids. I am on some serious medication. If i dont respond to emails and texts immediately please be aware that the answer is above. Edit: This little sod has turned up 🙁