A bastion of the great British High Street gets it badly wrong

Has anyone else noticed that Sainsburys supermarkets or @Sainsburys for those of you very au fait with Twitter, seem to be in a massive habit of getting it wrong recently?

In the past 24 hours I have seen a number of breaches of contract. A deceitful argumentative delivery driver, who managed to break half of my delivery and then slander myself and my partner to a manager at Sainsbury’s. Some idiot contact centre workers who need to learn about contract law and a slanderous lady by the name of Stacey who not only slandered myself and my partner but told me to Piss Off. If you like that sort of abuse I suggest you call Stacey on 0208 9748854 its Option 4.

Sainsburys have told me they are cancelling our account. Well that’s good because customer service has gone so far down the pan they have just lost a customer to Waitrose. I suggest if you value customer service, you abandon this shower and go to Waitrose like me or whichever other competitor brand you prefer.

As for Sainsbury’s themselves. I will see you in Court very soon. I’m suing for the damage you did to my order. I’m suing you for breach of contract and I’m suing two members of your staff for slander. Including the lovely Stacey.

Shame this has to happen to what was once a very strong bastion of our high streets and our retail parks.

In praise of Piwik

Piwik is a cool tool that for me replaced Google Analytics as my website monitoring tool of choice at the weekend after Google decided that they did not want to provide me with any useful data anymore. Piwik now monitors all my websites and produces far better data and reports than Google Analytics ever did. I used to have a selection of complex spreadsheets to take data from Google Analytics and manipulate the data to produce the information and reports that I and my clients wanted. Not any more, they are now available straight out of the box. After Google admitted that they were hiding keyword data I could not even rely on the data they provided. Now I and my clients can have absolute confidence in the data. Thank you Piwik!

Data Protection Breach

I was St Georges Hospital again yesterday – yes I know yawn! Its another rant about that lot. However this in its own right is as concerning as the last. We were in with the doctor in their office about 45 minutes. In that time the doctor left the room for between 5 and 8 minutes at a time. When she left in full view were medical records on her computer screen! She had failed to lock her computer using the ctrl-alt-del command every time! I could have done anything! Amended my records, deleted some of them or even read or amended someone else’s! This is a clear breach of the data protection act and basic information security principals! When I challenged the doctor about this all I got was a sheepish response and not an apology befitting a proper professional who was clearly incompetent with regard to patient confidentiality and information security even when I explained that at some NHS trusts such a blatant failure to keep patient information secure would be a disciplinary offence! Speaking as a technology professional I have worked in environments where I would be instantly dismissed if I failed to lock my screen on leaving my desk! How would you feel if your records were hacked because of this doctors incompetence? Yes I know I write a lot about the failings of this hospital but clearly in all aspects of managing and operating a hospital the management are clearly inept and out of their depth in my opinion. Also as I was walking through the labyrinth of corridors I once again could not help noticing how filthy the place was. This is a hospital it should be kept clean. Good polish cleaners in South London are not that expensive! I really wish St Georges Hospital would not give me so many excuses to blog about them and I apologise to readers of these pages for the amount of times I feel I have to justifiably blog about them. Maybe the Chief Executive and his senior team will wake up and smell the coffee this time?

How Starbucks lost a valued customer

starbucksphoto1 Visited my local Starbucks an hour ago. Usually the source of a good latte. However this one I was quite disgusted with. Look at the photo below. I know they now like to ask for your name at Starbucks and that most of their staff cannot spell any name let alone my own correctly. But this is taking the outright piss. I was with my 6 year old daughter who now knows the word cunt. This is improper behaviour from a major multinational company. You might not like your customers but this is not the way to go about expressing your views be that of an employee or a corporate standpoint. I use Starbucks for meetings when i’m on the road quite a lot. I will tell you now that for this function you are being replaced by Costa Coffee! Final word of advice Starbucks! Customers vote with their wallets!

Hotel Seattle Brighton

Lets face it, it is not very often I use these pages to laud exceptional service and I am more likely to lambast idiocy and poor service however it is time for a small change. On Friday I visited Brighton on business and stayed overnight the Seattle Hotel at Brighton Marina. This hotel is clean and tidy with great views over the marina and some of the most impressive customer service I have ever seen in 20 years of staying in hotels regularly whilst away on business. So it is time to say a very well done to this hotel. I will certainly stay there and use it for business meetings again. There is a high chance that it will be a very long time before I praise another business on these pages again, so lets be clear. The Seattle Hotel richly deserves this praise.

Have British Airways Lost Their Way?

So I have been flying British Airways quite a bit recently. Out of 8 flights 7 have been late and one so late I would have been quicker walking. On this particular occasion I absolutely had to land at London Heathrow on time in order to meet someone very important. Are they still the worlds favourite airline? Customer service also seems to have taken a knock with the introduction of surly and unhelpful staff. My questions are: 1) Is this part of their new business strategy and if so will it work? 2) Is point one the case or have they given up on customers? British Airways used to be an excellent airline. I do believe it is a shame they are falling from grace in the eyes of their customers. Especially in view of the very high prices they are demanding these days.

When is a restaurant not a restaurant?

The answer to this is quite simply when there are more children in there than adults, the adults cannot control their children and the restaurant management couldn’t care less. Thats when. This is exactly what happened on Saturday when we went to the Olive Garden in Raynes Park, dial in the fact the the air conditioning wasn’t working and on one of the units the down vents had been covered with tape. The food at the Olive Garden is always of an exceptional standard. Its just such a pity they got the service wrong on this occasion.

Moorfields Eye Hospital – At last the NHS comes good

Following my rant the other day about the unacceptable levels of service I received at the hands of the NHS earlier this week. I feel compelled to write about my experience with Moorfields Eye Hospital in London yesterday. After being recommeded by several people to visit them regarding pain and discomfort in my eye I rocked up to their A & E department at lunchtime yesterday. NO queue to speak to the first nurse. Brownie points. This part of triage was thorough and it was explained that there may be a three hour wait maximum. I sat down as close to the reception desk as I could. Was called forward to register my details three minutes later. Staff were milling about and really actually doing some work! No gossiping here. 20 minutes later I am called through and seen by two nurses and then a doctor. These people knew exactly what they were doing, no mucking about, no rubbish, just a number of full and through checks on my eyes and a full explanation of what they were doing and why. They located the issue explained what it was and then cleaned my eyes up. All the time being careful and explanatory and looking after me. I left there at 2pm full of confidence that my eye all though still hurting a bit had been seen and sorted out by proper proffesionals who know what they are doing. St Georges Hospital in Tooting, please do take note because the service at Moorfields is the complete opposite to that of your “operation”. My opinion of the failing state of the NHS has not changed, however it can be clearly seen from my experience yesterday that there are small pockets of the organisation that care about professionalism and taking the very best care of the patients they look after.  

An NHS rant

So I have had problems with pain and discomfort in my eyes today. So what did I do? I phoned my doctor for an appointment, The wonderful people at The Pepys Road Surgery told me I was not registered even though I walked in there and registered three weeks ago! They then proceeded to blame this on computer error! I told them the symptoms and they suggested going to tooting walk in centre. 20 mins later I found myself here. This facility closed on 10 June 2012! You now have to go to St Georges Accident and Emergency. Ok its only across the road. The Queue was so large people were queuing outside the door and next to people being taken from ambulances! As I was in the queue the bloke in front of me collapsed and I nearly ended up taking quite a fall! 40 mins after this I finally get booked in at reception. I am then informed of a wait of unto three hours! In the time I am waiting 3 receptionists are having a gossip and not registering patients and two doctors and a nurse are having a natter about what they watched on telly last night! In my opinion this is unacceptable. But it gets worse. After an hour or so wait after being booked in I am called in and after telling them the symptoms which have been getting steadily worse. They tell me to go to my GP. I explain it to them again, that the GP sent me to them. At the time of writing I can now only half see out of one of my eyes. The other eye does seem ok at the moment. They keep telling us that the NHS meets its targets but basic healthcare services which we pay taxes for are not alive and well and kicking in fact they are failing!