Jobs Update October 2018

Here is a snapshot of some of the jobs I have available.

  • Assistant Dealmaker – Warwickshire

    • Warwickshire
      Dealers and Resellers
    • Anywhere
    • Franchise
  • Regional Distributors

    • Anywhere
    • Franchise
  • Trade House Consultants (Freelance)

    • Any EEA Location
    • Freelance
  • PA/VA

    • Anywhere
    • Court Guinness
    • Permanent
  • Consultancy Manager

    • London
    • Permanent
  • CMS Developer (PHP, Python, HTML, Javascript, CSS

    • Anywhere
    • Freelance
  • Assistant Deal Maker

    • London
    • Permanent
  • Representatives

    • UK WIde
    • Freelance

Update:: VirtualOffice and PersonalCloud

Most VirtualOffice and PersonalCloud customers will be aware but this post is formal notice that I eventually I did not sell these product lines as the buyers failed to complete the purchase.

Emergency work  is taking place to reverse enabling work for the sale and all customer data is safe and secure.

I look forward to working with customers old and new of both product lines going forward. Some new products will be added shortly.


Business Opportunity Of The Week :: 24/04/2018 :: Camping Grounds Wanted—Wales

Camping Grounds Wanted—Wales

My client is seeking to return to their roots in Wales and are looking for a suitable camping ground to purchase to bring them an income, preferably with residential accommodation on site. They have a good cash budget available.

Please use the reply form below to contact us for further information.

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Current Trends Week Ending 15/04/2018

One thing I love about running The Weekly Deals Free Sheet is the wide variety of new people I get to connect with, speak with and spend time with every week. We invariably chat about their business requirements be it expansion, disposal, mergers, acquisitions or new pastures entirely. One thing this week however has been the large number of enquiries from businesses requiring new capital, new financing, angel or VC finance or in some of the worst cases a more expedient than is usual disposal. The trend amongst disposals is for these businesses is to be sold at a fraction of their market value. At the time of writing I have had 33 such enquiries in the past week alone.

This sort of event leads my enquiring mind into looking for the root cause of such an event.

Could it be that we really are back in a recession? Could the lovely Brexit be having more of an effect than we first thought on the small business? Could it be underlying market change? Could it also be a stubborn sense of “I know how to run my business better than anyone else” that is a common theme amongst many small business owners?

Certainly this is most difficult one to analyse. However if I look at the first three of my suggestions above they have strong possibilities. I would have to say that issues surrounding Brexit causing recession like symptoms if not a full blown recession would sit favourite with my previous experiences around the time of recession. Underlying market change, well things change and people change, the way we do things, the way we work and the way e behave changes constantly on a global scale.

This leads me on to my final suggestion. The stubborn sense of “I know how to run my business better than anyone else” that is a common theme amongst many small business owners. If we combine this with underlying market change and maybe even as much as strong hints of Brexit and recession then, yes, this is the strongest possibility to my mind. You see many small business owners are reluctant to make changes to the way they do things on the basis of “I have always done it this way”. Even if that way does not keep pace with the market or changing customer needs, wants and demands. This can have onward effects to a business, a loss of customers, a loss of a share of a market, a failure to capitalise on business opportunities which in turn could increase turnover or decrease operational expenditure.

33 requirements for new finance or an emergency disposal in one week is very heavy going. So my bets are going on a strong combination of all four of my headline reasons for this sudden upsurge. One thing for sure is that if this trend that has started continues, it offers some lovely opportunities for small business “buy to build” opportunities as well as opportunities for finance providers to increase both ROI and fee income. For those of a “predatory” nature this is only a blip at the moment but it could offer some excellent opportunities. If this trend continues this could have further repercussions on the general market. This is a subject I will cover in more detail on these pages should the need and want arise.

One thing is for sure I am very interested and taking a keen interest in how this current situation plays out.

2018 Price List and Rate Card Launched

My Price List and Rate Card for 2018 is below.

Item Qty Rate Notes
Consultancy  – From* Per Hour £35.00 Additional travel expenses may also be billed with prior agreement. See Travel Below
Brokerage – Upto £50,000 % of deal 5% Additional travel expenses may also be billed with prior agreement. See Travel Below
Brokerage – Over £50,000 % of deal 2%
Blogvertorial advertising per month £19.95
Weekly Deals advertising Per issue £9.95
Business Finder – From Per Deal £395
Franchisee Recruitment Per Franchise 9%
Personal Cloud Solution – From Per Unit/ Per month £3.00 *Additional fees for bandwith and disk may apply
Virtual Office Solution – From Per User/ Per Month £3.00
Personal Cloud and Virtual Office – Additional Storage or bandwidth Per GB/Per Month £0.50
Personal Cloud and Virtual Office – Additional apps Per app/Per user/Per month £0.95
Virtual Office Setup Fee Per Office £35.00
Virtual Office – Custom Development  – From Per piece £295.00
Virtual Office – Custom Branding – From Per App £29.99
WordPress Hosting Per Site/ Per month £11.95
Late Payment Admin Fee Per Late Payment £95.00 *Applicable to all payments over due by more than 7 days
Late Payment Interest Rates See Website *See here for up to date rates:
Non Executive Director – From Per Month £1,000.00
Emergency Call Out Fee Per Call £90.00
Monitoring  – Monthly Plan – From Per month £350.00
Prospectus Creation – From Per Document £135.00
Presentations and talks Please Call Me
Joint Venture Finder and Recruitment – From Per Resource/Per hour £30.00
Mileage Per mile £0.38
Overnight Travel where billed Per Night £135.00

If you have queries about pricing, please use the form below to contact me.

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Why Confidential Sales?

We are often asked why are so many confidential deals advertised on your website?

The answer is quite simple. Many of my clients do not wish to stick their heads above the parapet. There are many reasons for doing a deal and in many circumstances our clients do not wish these to be broadcast. Selling or buying a business, seeking joint ventures or new investment is a delicate thing and many of our customers do not wish their affairs to be discussed by Mrs Kelly and Mrs Smith over afternoon tea at the local WI whist drive! In fact 99% of our clients would be very unhappy about this.

This confidence also allows me to target a market more broadly. Keeping things low key allows a greater pool of partners, investors, purchasers and vendors to be sought. Many investors also do not wish to openly stick their heads above the parapet.

I lead the way in confidential sales yet I am always happy to talk to people who fit the profile for a particular deal, if you would like to find out more about a particular opportunity on my website all you have to do is call me or email me and ask me. Yes. Many opportunities require an NDA to be signed but this is not an over onerous task.

For more information on how confidential sales work, please contact me.

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