I am a business broker and business consultant.
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The P2 Set

The P2 Set is my private commercial office.We make our own investments from time to time and also create partnerships and joint ventures. We also have a consultancy arm that specialises in small business restructuring. The business currently owns and operates the following businesses and has investments in others:

  • Wimbledon Systems: IT Support and, web hosting and service in South West London and Surrey.
  • Abbeywood Eurotrade – Coming in February 2017.


Hire Court

Please see here for more information regarding working with me.

Business Consultancy

Court is available for the following ad-hoc engagements:

  • Non-Executive Directorships
  • Business Advisory Work – (SME only)
  • Business consultancy (SME only)
  • Management Consultancy
  • Small business restructuring

Please use the form below for all consultancy related enquiries.


Unless you are a previous client of Courts, SystemNet Data, Naytencourt Limited or Ewell Systems Limited, please contact Wimbledon Systems with all IT related enquiries. If you are a previous client please use the form below.

Businesses Bought and Sold, Property and Land.

Please use the form below.

Other Work Related Enquiries and General Business Propositions, Deals and Offers

Please the form below to contact Court with regards to any other business proposals, enquiries or offers.


Please note: All engagements, contracts, late payments and business deals are handled by my private office. The P2 Set Limited. Which is a company registered in England and Wales.

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