A small update from me

So what has been happening recently?

Well two major things of note. The first is that the chancellor has backed down on his NIC rise for the self employed. This reduction in my cost base pleases me greatly. However I am disappointed in his timing as this did not leave me enough time to arrange a champagne lunch to celebrate! I haven’t had the reason to have a champagne lunch for quite some time and this would have been a good reason πŸ™

What does remain to be seen is what he will do with taxation of the self-employed and when.

On another note, perusing the visitor logs for this site at quite a few points today I note a much  larger than usual number of visits from the NHS computer network. Some 200 visits in fact ( and this number is rising!). Obviously it is something I have said! Now bearing in mind that most of my NHS comments on here are less than complimentary and correctly so I am hoping that these people are starting to wake up and smell the coffee!

In other news it is business as usual here at the desk πŸ™‚

Weekly Deals can be downloaded here:  Weekly Deals 15/03/2017