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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 16/03/2020

Please click or see below for an update on the coronavirus situation from Court Guinness and The Trade House.

Court Guinness and The Trade House are going into isolation owing to coronavirus. Make no mistake Court IS NOT infected with coronavirus. This is a precautionary measure as some of the medication he takes for his various complaints mean that if he did contract coronavirus it could do more damage than normal.

Please see the following points on this below:

  • This DOES NOT MEAN that Court and The Trade House are buggering off. Er.. Nope. He is still running things from his home office.
  • This DOES MEAN that he is still running things and striking deals.
  • The online communities (Facebook, Slack, The Trade Lounge, Linkedin, Twitter, Zoom, Whatsapp) are still operational.
  • Court can be contacted by phone, text email, DM, video conference
  • Court’s two video conferencing bridges and his swanky new collaboration are in rude technical health and can handle this easily.
  • Court is still taking advertising bookings
  • The next issue of The Trade House Magazine will be published on time.
  • The platform rebuild will be completed this week.
  • He will be releasing a new project shortly – look out for the press release!
  • This really only means he not working face to face or the time being.

As of 16/03/2020 it is estimated that this isolation will last until 30/03/2020. It maybe extended. Please note ALL face to face meetings and attendance at any conferences, networking events or trade fairs is cancelled.

It is unfortunate that these measures have had to be taken. Please see the links below for some community sites of Court Guinness and The Trade House:

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