Help For Contractors And Consultants 25/01/2020

Court Guinness and The Trade House are only too well aware of the impending doom for independent contractors from April 2020 in the form of IR35..

Having had deep insights into the contracting and consulting space and also IR35 since 1994 both Court Guinness and The Trade House are in a position to provide some assistance. We cannot change such an arcane, divisive and disruptive tax policy but we can provide some support for contractor and consultants wondering “what on earth do I do now???”

With a list of current business opportunities worldwide which currently stands at over £965 Million of value and is growing at a current average rate of £4,000,000 per week (last 6 week data). We are in a unique position to assist contractors and consultants who are now having to consider a life away from “the day rate”.

Our magazine is free and advertising is currently free too. If you do not see something that appeals we may be able to find what you are looking for on your behalf. Our current issue is below and the next issue now publishes on 25th February 2020.

You can view an interactive version of The Trade House Magazine below.

You can join the deal marketing group which is a small but growing group featuring a number of unique business opportunities and also offers a forum for discussion, on Facebook by clicking here. A number of contractors and consultants are already members,

If you have any queries or questions or indeed require further information, please use the form below to contact both Court Guinness and The Trade House.

Finally, we are looking for a number of contractors and consultants who wish to be interviewed for the next edition of The Trade House Magazine.