Thieving Three

A few months ago. I spoke to Three about moving my contract from EE to them they had an attractive offer on.

I should have known from the start. The chap I spoke to turned out be a rather obnoxious little snot.

Not only that they refused a credit check on part of the order. I told them all my lines or nothing. So I refused to go further. Today I find they have been taking £20 a month from my bank account for a contract I never agreed to!

Three, the time is up refund the money today by 17:00 GMT or I take this much, much further.

24/01/2020 12:34 GMT Update. So Three have been lying as well. Two things I will NOT tolerate thieves and liars. See screenshot below.

We never steal from customers. One I am not a customer. I never will be now. Two, Three you have now been caught both thieving and lying. Here is incontrovertible proof!

An update is here.