Thieving Three Update

Many of you will have read the Thieving Three post here.

So the deadline of 5pm UK time on 24/01/2020 has passed and Three still have not repaid the money that they have stolen.
I am delighted to announce that criminal proceedings and civil have commenced against three and a number of their staff including:

Dave Dyson
Chief Executive Officer
Richard Woodward
Chief Commercial Officer
Amanda Lambert
People Director
Graham Baxter
Chief Operating Officer
Stephen Lerner
General Counsel & Director of Regulatory Affairs
Shadi Halliwell
Chief Marketing Officer
Darren Purkis
Chief Financial Officer

Things I cannot and will stand for against me and take punitive action when they occur. Lying, slander, fraud and theft.

Let battle commence.

I am billing 100 % per hour interest and £1,000 for the waste of my time.

Some more screenshots.

Jordanna lying.
trying to stall… badly
called out

Extra Update here