Sunday Funday. What’s it all about?

Sunday Funday is essentially a bit of fun on a Sunday

Every Sunday I post a business opportunity from the The Trade House Database to the Deal Marketing Group on Facebook and ask players to guess the listed value of the opportunity. Players can enter as many times as they like and their final answer to be in for the win is their closest answer to the price that the opportunity is listed at.

There are 10 points available for winning and minus 10 points for the booby prize – being furthest away.

There is a little league running and the league winner for 2020 will be decided on Sunday 20th December 2020.

There are occasional prizes and there will be a prie for the league winner (Prize to be decided).

It is fun and I encourage everyone to participate and even have a laugh, you are encouraged to discuss the opportunity and each others valuations, poking a little light fun along the way is welcome too! The key thing here is that this is a little business led fun to brighten up a quiet Sunday!

To enter please head over to the Deal Marketing Group every Sunday (or as many Sunday’s as you wish!). I look forward to seeing you all there.

Best regards