The worst Friday of the year

Yes the Friday before Christmas of the year is the worst of the year. Here is why.

Scenes this morning are reminiscent of most last Friday’s before Christmas every year. Already I have seen a cracking photograph of a very flooded M23. For those of you that don’t know this is the main motorway linking London with Gatwick Airport and Brighton further further beyond that. I believe the motorway is still shut at the time of writing. The Rail line in between these three places in difficulty too.

Now here here is the thing. I have seen this every Christmas since 1995 and had trouble travelling on every last Friday before Christmas since then. The M1 has been blocked on more than one occasion. Rail lines down or severely (>2 hours) delayed. Ferries? Again delayed. And, now onto the one that really irks me. Airports and Airlines. This really is the worst especially if you get held up after security. I don’t know what t is but screaming babies make it even worse! The amount of times I have been stuck on this Friday in god forsaken hell holes such as Frankfurt is legend. When all you can see on the overhead status displays is the word “DELAYED” next to every United Kingdom departure. Some airlines seem to enjoy exacerbating the issue too.

I know that as the Friday before Christmas many people will be heading to far flung destinations to spend the festive season with family and loved ones and, yes, that is their right and they should be allowed to do that. However, someone, somewhere must be capable of orchestrating things so that such disruptions and delays do not occur. Just, for one day!

I look forward to seeing a solution but I will not hold my breath!

I know that several regular readers of this website here have very long journeys make tonight some of more 1,000 kilometres. So for all readers who are travelling today to wherever you are going, be it by road, rail, air or sea please have a safe trip and a happy Christmas.