Facebook Pages

I currently have two pages on Facebook Operational.

The two pages in question are: The Trade House UK and Court Guinness Blogs and Business.

Facebook this morning issued an addendum to the terms and conditions for Facebook page owners (see here) which effectively makes page owners jointly responsible as data processors and controllers for data held by Facebook regarding Facebook pages even though the page owner has no control over the data that Facebook holds.

This means that I or any other page owner could face heavy action under GDPR for something I or they have no control over whatsoever.

I believe that Facebook pages are an invaluable business tool but this action by Facebook means that must consider whether or not to continue with my Facebook pages.

I will not be updating my Facebook pages for the foreseeable future with the exception of Magazine publishing day.

I will continue to update my personal feed and The Trade House UK Group.

This website will always remain continually updated and I would invite you all to bookmark this site, return regularly for the latest or even register!

Thanking You


Court Guinness