Matomo and WordPress Integration

It was a very pleasant surprise to read the news just now that a plugin has been released for WordPress that seemingly integrates Matomo into WordPress for website analytics management.

Matomo (formerly Piwik) has been my go to website analytics solution for many years replacing Google Analytics (lets not go there on this post) and I am pleased to see this integration with what has to be the best Content Management System on the planet. It is in beta at the moment and I hope that it moves from beta to full product status in short order.

There does have to be a downside. Unfortunately I cannot use this plugin for two reasons. One I have a large number of custom sites set up in my existing Matomo instance including this one and the second is that the plugin is not currently recommended for high traffic sites, which this site is.

I do hope that this important update moves internet decentralisation on and furthers the self hosting movement both of which I am a great supporter of.