Tory Leadership Contest – My Take

Here is my take on the Tory leadership contest.

Ok, lets start with Boris Johnson and leave it here.

To hell in a handcart we will all go as a country go if he wins. See below.

Jeremy Hunt. Well let us start with the shambles of the NHS. I agree with Frankie Boyle here. I personally believe that if Hunt gets in, aside from the inevitable BBC black out because of presenters getting his name right (or wrong, I am not the only one who thinks is a c***!, Several medics I know share the same view!) I cannot help thinking of a paraphrased version of what Frankie Says “Your next Virgin trains Government to Glasgow is 10 minutes late due to late running as has a blocked toilet. Please press 1 to speak to an unhelpful advisor!

As for other parties, you don’t want to get me started on the Lib Dem’s or Corbyn or Abbott for that matter. If you think that Boris and Jeremy are comedy acts then the Lib Dem’s, Corbyn and Abbott are worse than some 1970’s slapstick comedians.

Fear not I have solved the problem!

No I feel that help and salvation is at hand in Downing Street, and a more worthy successor can be had from inside Downing Street without the conservative party ballot. He has lots of friends and very few enemies. He tells Liam Fox to Foxtrot Oscar at least twice a week and has a track record for his dislike of Boris amongst others. His good media reputation and presence are better than those of any cabinet minister. . He knows how to be a statesman. Like most of us he hates Donald Trump. I think he already knows how to do a better a better job than Theresa May!

Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you as our country’s potential new PM-in-waiting Larry The Cat!

He is the only one who gets a vote from me!

Credits @number10cat and @poilticalpics on twitter. other image sent to me by a friend, original author unknown.