Personal Announcement From Court Guinness

Many readers will be more than aware of my updates over the past 12 months, a good example of which is here.

Unfortunately the time has come for me to fully embrace retirement as my health is no longer up to it and has deteriorated further over the past year. Therefore with immediate effect I have taken the decision to close most of the operations of The Trade House. I have made a commercial announcement here. This is not a decision I have taken lightly as I have especially enjoyed building The Trade House Magazine over the past 12 months and I hope that at some point to be able to return to running the magazine but it might not happen. Two particular highlights were growing to over £500 Million of available business opportunities and gaining a total over all issues combined of just short of 100,000 readers.

I will continue to write business content and keep this website updated. Some Trade House content will move to The Trade Lounge.

I am keeping a small interest and contact in 3 business ventures and The Trade Lounge, The Trade Suite and The Trade Counter will Remain open and operational on this website.

Registration is however required for The Trade House.

It is a matter of personal disappointment that Following the events of 2018 that I have been unable to keep up with part time working.

I can be contacted by clicking here.