Proposed Slack Flotation

So news has just reached me via the BBC that Slack plans to float. This is potentially not a bad thing. For those if you that do not know it. Slack is a groupware messaging app that allows teams and workforces to collaborate to together, to communicate and to share. Faster and more immediate and social than email this tool does have its fair share of detractors and those like me who not like it.

So what is wrong with Slack? Well it has both the ability to help and hinder teams, pushing communication forward is one good thing but its potential to be a distraction is completely a bad thing. I believe it does distract and I am not the biggest fan of its user interface either.

Yes I prefer Mattermost as an alternative. Mattermost is cheaper. There are a few other alternatives to Mattermost and Slack in the marketplace too. Mattermost and other solutions do seem to have a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Which brings me on to my next point after 10,000 messages, Slack has the ability to get quite costly indeed especially for the larger team. To get decent features ad storage you have to pay. In some cases this is over £9 per user per month.

Some analysts have said that the float could value Slack at $7 Billion. It has also been said that Slack may receive an acquisition offer soon. Personally I think this is too top heavy and I do believe that there are better and more cost effective solutions to a paid Slack plan.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Slack. I for one won’t be partaking. Another forthcoming float is Uber and even though I have not spoken to those who advise me about this, I fancy that saving my dosh for Uber might bring a better return for my investment cash. I have a mixed record on Stocks and while my loss levels are low especially compared to profits I don’t believe that Slack will generate a great return.

So there we have it my thoughts on thee Slack flotation and my second tech blog in one day. More than one tech blog in a day from me has not happened for a very long time!