Focus On Ireland April 2019

This article first appeared in the April 2019 edition of The Trade House Magazine.

Much has been said about the Irish Economy since its monumental collapse. The bottom fell out of everything and confidence was shattered. That was then and this is now. Business values are on the rise in Ireland albeit slowly.

Property is slowly beginning to change hands at sensible money again. At The Trade House we have been following the Irish marketplace for quite a while. The days of the fire sale have most definitely been and gone. The business and investment market place has bottomed and started rising again. The tech sector has undergone a resurgence as well, with a good number of technology related investments available to fully funded investors fuelled by a raft of new Irish start ups.

In the past 20 years the Irish infrastructure has been dramatically improved to the point where it can be no longer considered as second to its other European Union peers.

Finance remains slightly difficult to come by regardless of sector and business purchasers are recommended to be fully cash financed where possible to avoid a GRG like scenario.

The Irish banks are taking a very keen interest in the activities of business borrowers and are likely to attempt to intervene if they sense risk.

Subtle changes are being made to the corporation tax rules and any purchaser or investor should take local professional advice.

The professional business brokerage market in the Republic of Ireland is a smaller one than in the United Kingdom with many business sales being handled by traditional estate agents, especially if there is a residential aspect to the sale, for example, a shop with a flat above.

We predict values will remain steady through 2019 and then hold steady with only light marginal variation.

In the opinion of us here at The Trade House now would be the ideal time for the seasoned investor or those fully funded lifestyle business seekers to consider The Republic of Ireland. Brexit is causing a lot of concern.

For those relocating from the United Kingdom, the good links from Ireland especially to London, mean that any UK  destination is only approximately 4 hours away from anywhere in Ireland.

If you would like more information on the business opportunities we have available in Ireland, please contact us, we would be delighted to hear from you.

The Trade House take a keen interest in Irish Markets and Court Guinness, our broker has been doing large amounts of business in these markets for over 20 years.

You can expect to hear more news from us on our status within the Irish marketplace very soon.