The NHS Business Services Authority

The NHS Business Services Authority has a wide remit in England. They provide a number of services for the NHS inncluding prepay prescription cards. Being prescribed about 20 types of medication I have these prepay cards to save money.

The NHS Business Services Authority have written to me to claim that I fraudulently used one of these cards to obtain prescription medication. Bad Move. I emailed them evidence, they stalled. They cannot provide evidence of this crime that they allege that I committed, Do you know why? Because I never committed this crime. They are trying to charge me a fine of £100 which I will not pay. In fact they now wrongly send 340,000 penalty notices accusing people of fraud every year. An example of this is here. That’s £34,000,000!

I have held meetings with other victims and have spoken to other interested parties at length about the general attitude of the NHS Business Services Authority. I will share more of the out on these meetings another time.

I know the NHS is strapped for cash but this to my own mind is fraudulently obtaining cash the other way round, which I strenuously object to. I have invoiced the NHS Business Services Authority for the waste of my time and will keep this post updated. I am considering suing the NHS Business Services Authority for Libel in view of their fraud accusation. I will update this post with further information.