The 12 Month Update

The 12 Month Update.

So 12 months ago, a bout of the flu turned into this.

Which in space of 2 hours turned into this.

Which the turned into a seven week stay in Harefield Hospital, Middlesex. 3 of those weeks in intensive care. It was Myocarditis and heart failure. One pacemaker later what I didn’t bank on was having to retire at such short notice. Nor was I banking on an extraordinarily long recovery. It did mean however that I cut out a 30-a-day smoking habit instantly. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. I have to use oxygen and my arthritis and Menieres disease has got worse. I was also not expecting to have to take an 11 new different types of medication every day. Walking is now an issue and I am glad that I invested in a mobility scooter after struggling with and crashing a wheelchair.

I managed to offload a number of business interests and close down others, leaving me with just the basics of what has now become The Trade House and some legacy business interests in Ireland which I am hoping to sell soon as the lovely Brexit is not helping things and visits to Ireland are a pain.

Retirement was not working and I was so bored so I have built up The Trade House on a part time basis. Eat, Drink tea, watch telly, sleep and repeat did not work. The small group that is The Trade House now comprises The Trade Counter, The Trade Desk, My personal investments and The Trade House Magazine.  All from working no more than 25 hours a week. I keep getting calls asking me to take on business consultancy and brokerage projects but sadly I will not return to this. I will never go back to a 60 hour plus working week. The Trade House Magazine now gets over 10,000 unique readers every month. Something I am very proud of.

In October I left London to live in Warwickshire and I am pleased that I did. Hardly a day goes by now without news reaching me of news of another stabbing or of a friend or acquaintance being the victim of some other crime. This is actually quite depressing and to be honest London is helping itself with this surge in crime. It was a good time to leave and now I will not be returning. I do visit regularly and on this point I must proffer immense thanks to the traffic division of The Thames Valley Police for leaving me be whilst I speed back and forth. The new house is finally sorted which is a bonus.

One thing that has surprised me is how short the breakages list is, consisting only of a mobile phone, a car configuration website and a wheelchair.

There are too many people to list that I have to thank for their support in the past 12 months. So Thank You all.

So there have it, the 12 month update.