Stalker Update November 2018

It has  been a long time since I had any massive stalker issues – apart from one. However it seems my Warwickshire based stalker is back with a vengeance. Over 1,000 visits with 7.9 page views per visit from one individual and their accomplices since we moved one month ago and  all from one address  in Warwickshire. The large number of page views are no surprise as we have over 3,500 individual items of content this site.  We have also had some interesting invitations in the local area to connect on social media. As someone who has been around social media in a professional capacity since its inception these fake accounts are some of the silliest I have ever seen.

I am considering police action.

As always I am thankful for the granular and detailed visitor data and analytics provided by the tools and systems that are always monitoring this website not only to  alert me to such issues but also to keep visitors to  this site safe.