A Little whinge – Advertising

Unfortunately folks it is time for me to have a little rant!

This one concerns advertising. I am truly truly shocked about the number of business owners that seem not to care about advertising. The amount of truly shocking copy and artwork that I have seen in the past month might be the stuff of legend or it may not.

I have seen it all but the most common ones are.

  1. I will scan it from another magazine and email. No my friend this will not work, send the original artwork please. This is not as bad as…
  2. Asking for a strip advert or a business card advert to be resized to fit a size 8 times greater than the space you have booked. Even more criminal is the reverse. A large format advert going into the smallest space.

As I sit here ruminating about this I am in the office putting the final touches to the next issue of The Trade House Magazine. I am quite shocked at the number of “bloopers” and basic mistakes that small businesses are making with their advertising. Ladies and gentlemen these are your livelihoods we are talking about. You maybe time poor we are all very busy people in this day and age but advertising is about putting your business’ best foot forward and out into the world. Please make sure you have different sized artwork available. Please don’t try and fit a pint into an espresso cup, it won’t fit!

The Trade House for itself prides itself on working with small businesses, we are committed to this. We all make mistakes from time to time. We are human. The high number of these mistakes that I have seen in one month is quite disturbing. I have seen over 100 incidents in October 2018 alone! I urge you all not to cut corners with marketing and advertising!

Thank you for listening!