Market Comment :: October 2018

Court Guinness resurrects an old column he used to write in which he takes an opinionated and sometimes irreverent view of what he sees in the market place.


In this issue he looks back on the month of September 2018.

Looking over and surveying my desk late in September 2018 I can safely say that this September has been very busy indeed. There has been an awful lot of activity and some of it negative, which is a shame.


Allow me to deal with the negative first. An awful lot of bad press has reached me regarding disappointed, dissatisfied and disgruntled franchisees across all sectors. Even more worrying seems to be the number of unhappy sectors specific to the food, beverage and hospitality sectors. The large number of enquiries and general emails I have received on this subject is alarming. I expect resale instructions to rise between now and the calendar year end. It has tt be said though that the health care franchising sectors do not cover themselves in glory either!


Another key theme appearing this month is finance. There are a great many people looking for deals, who  do not appear to have the cash! I am sorry boys and girls but “I will worry about the money later!” is not a sensible thing to do and lowers the tone of deal making. Always, always get your ducks in a row first before approaching anyone about doing deals.


Aside of this negativity this September has been a lovely month aside of the negativity above. Its lovely to see the property development guys being so active in the run up to the festive season, deals regularly being struck and plans made revitalise properties previously unusable. I note a great deal valour going into these projects too with some developers clearly unafraid to push the boundaries—in a good way!  I hope we see more this sense of adventure in years to come. It is actually a good thing for business as a whole and an excellent thing for the sector itself.


Once again it is time to talk about Brexit in this column. This is getting serious baby! We now have a limited amount of time left  before we in the UK  are out of the EU. This magazine has already had to make some changes because of Brexit! I am more concerned about the prospect of factory shutdowns and further disruption of the same ilk and the effect that this will have on our relevant sectors.


In short September has been a good month, roll on October!


I look forward to speaking with you all again next month!


Happy deal making !



Warmest regards