The 6 Month Update

Well we nearly at the 6 point since things abruptly changed after some nasty health related issues. Retirement did not work and I went back to work part time at The Trade House. This has been good. I have also managed to steer clear of hospital stays since March.

I have managed not to break anything else since the early days and no more wheelchairs have been crashed!

Part Time working is good and I am glad that full retirement has shown itself not to be a viable option.

In other news I have to announce that I have decided to move away from the South East of England to the Midlands and matters are in hand. The Trade House will be moving too. Expect to see more info on this here in the coming weeks. A final moving date will be set shortly and there will be a leaving drinks party or similar event  organised to mark the occasion. Invitations will be sent out to friends, clients, business partners and business associates soon. I am looking forward to this new chapter.

Many regular readers may have noticed that recently the domain name has moved from to Please, please, please update your contact details as will stop working on the 1st November 2018. All mailboxes are now on .com. If you have email addresses for in your contacts please change the .eu for .com. This will work.

No 6 month update would be complete without discussing The Trade House.  The Trade House is doing very well indeed and the magazine is growing proudly with each new month and the publication of each new issue. With the  September edition unique reader passed the 2,000 reader bar at 5pm on 30/08/2018. That is only 25 hours after publication. The August issue (the quietest of the year) had over 5,000 unique readers. The September edition grew to 56 pages and has over £205 Million of business deals inside. An interactive version is below.

Thank you all so much for reading. I will be in touch soon with further updates.