Legalise a new class of light electric vehicles

I personally in believe in the future of Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV’s), they are are more sustainable than private cars or motorcycles, more manoeuvrable than traditional bicycles and benefit owners in other ways too such as health, fitness, safety and accident protection. They are generally cheaper to buy and maintain too. However many of these are actually illegal in the UK.


Living on border of the countryside and a major capital city as I do the possibilities, the convenience and the freedom benefits are easy to see. These vehicles could also take some of the pressure away from public transport, which in England, in terms of capacity is creaking at the seams. I must declare an interest here, I have a number of ranges of PEV’s which are manufactured abroad that I am able to import into the UK and share with the UK marketplace.

If you share similar views to me on Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV’s) I would be grateful if you would sign a petition here.

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