So Microsoft Have Acquired GitHub

There have been rumours that floating around since Friday and then confirmed today that Microsoft have acquired GitHub.

Normally I get nervous when a Microsoft acquisition is in the offing. In the past this has meant that Microsoft get things wrong with the acquisition. These days this seems not to be the case. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn. I cannot see what they have done with it! I have not for example been offered a free Office365 subscription if I take out LinkedIn Premium.

So what does GitHub bring to the Microsoft Party?

The answer is source code from so many very talented developers. Source Code and the talented that toil over it is the life blood of any software development product. This acquisition gives Microsoft direct access to these talented people and more importantly their work.

About 5 minutes prior to writing this I heard a rumour that there was a mass exodus away from GitHub by a large number of developers being mooted in the light of this acquisition. Many readers will know of my love of self hosting stuff on my small server farm. GitHub is my main one-stop shop for new and exciting stuff to play with.

My main fear is that the most talented developers who publish code on GitHub will be taken advantage of and that would be a crying shame.