Has It Really Been 45 Years?

I was on the Motorola website earlier today looking for some help with my Motorola mobile phone. I stumbled across this article on their site.

I simply cannot believe that it is 45 years since the first mobile phone was introduced by Motorola in 1973!

I had the two of types of Motorola pictured above and at one point had a Motorola car phone as well. These were very good pieces of kit in the early 1990’s. Fast forwards to the mid 2000’s when I owned two mobile phone businesses I sold a lot of the RAZR mobile phone. One Christmas (2005, from memory) I simply could not enough of the RAZR pink. I must have sold 200 units of that particular device in he fortnight running up to that Christmas!

Personally I moved to Nokia with Symbian and then to Android devices with a brief dalliance with Apple (Lets not go there!)

And we go full circle. I have one of the new G series with Android and I swear by it in much the same way as I relied on the phone on the left in the picture above in 1992! I am pleased with this latest Motorola.

In the times since 1991 I have owned more than 30  mobile phones. The Motorola’s are up there with the best in class, so let me close this blog by saying Happy 45th birthday Motorola!